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Warface FAQ #19

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Warface FAQ #19 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Do you plan to decrease the price of card exchange?
The exchange rate of the crafting cards has been significantly decreased in the previous update. We’re currently monitoring our internal stats and your feedback to see what effect on the in-game economy it had. 
  • Do you plan any PVE-event?
The upcoming season of TOP GUN can be completed in PVE. Stay tuned!
  • Do you plan to expand the vendor items line-up?
The developers do not plan to expand the vendor line-up as they consider crafting a  more interesting progression system. However, your feedback about adding new vendor items was forwarded. 
  • Any info on when the eSports platform goes back up?
We apologize for the delay, the platform maintenance is at its last stage, we’ll let you know when it becomes available.
  • Is there new information about EU and NA merge?
Currently, we don’t have any updates on the merge. Please follow the news.
  • Is there any new information on the loadouts?
As mentioned in the end of 2020, they are being tested. The developers are doing their best to fine-tune them for release ASAP. We appreciate your patience.
  • Will you add more crafting weapons such as AK 12, Marlin, LWRC and AX-308?
The developers have no plans to add all “old” weapons to the crafting system, however you can expect some of them to be available in Crown or WF$ Random Boxes in the future.

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