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[UPD] Top Gun Season 8 - now live

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We are launching a new season of our Top Gun event - the one where you can get one or even two potent permanent guns for free! Dominate the battlefield by wielding powerful golden weapons - it's just what you need for a tough combat!

UPD: The event is over but you will still be able to spend your tokens on the event page and get well-earned rewards till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 28th of February. Please note that tasks can no longer be completed and the progress will not be registered due to the fact that the offer is off.



Rules for Season 8


  • New permanent rewards: Golden Enfield L85A2 Custom, Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact, Golden SCAR-L PDW, Golden AS50; 
  • The season lasts for 30 days;
  • You can earn tokens by completing a PvP or a PvE task;
  • PvP task: 50 kills within a day in any PvP mode;
  • PvE task: 200 kills within a day in any Spec Op (except for the Solo Mission);
  • You can only complete 1 mission a day: a PvP OR a PvE one, not BOTH of them.

Token progress

  • You get 1 token for each completed task;
  • For each 5 completed tasks (not necessarily in a row) you get 3 extra tokens and a Mega VIP booster for 1 day;
  • You can get the maximum of 48 tokens in the course of an event (30 for daily tasks + 18 extra).


Each permanent weapon costs 20 tokens, so you can get the max of 2 permanent weapons from the list.

Golden Enfield L85A2 Custom


Golden Fabarm STF 12 Compact




Golden AS50




Persistence pays off!

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