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Soon in game: Shotgun Hunt Group MH12

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We are proud to present you a new Medic primary, the shotgun Hunt Group MH12, that will appear in the game after the upcoming update. This Turkish smoothbore shotgun is distinguished by its double-barreled design and can fire two-round bursts. The weapon comes equipped with three unique attachments improving its combat efficiency.

Hunt Group MH12

The gun is a vivid representative of the smooth-bore models line-up designed by the Turkish arms manufacturer Hunt Group Arms. The shotgun stands out thanks to its double-barreled construction. Its operation allows to employ a longitudinally sliding forend to simultaneously load two cartridges into the chamber. At the same time, the shots occur alternately with a single pull of the trigger.

In the game, the Hunt Group MH12 is a new shotgun that fires two-round bursts with a minimal delay between shots. A single well-aimed shot of this powerful gun will easily deal with an enemy or even a pair of them. The new gun compares favourably to its competitors the DP-12 and the Tavor TS12 Custom thanks to its mind-blowing damage and greater firing range, as well as improved hip fire and aiming accuracy offset by a slightly reduced rate of fire and magazine capacity.

The Hunt Group MH12 can be equipped with three unique attachments: two grips, and a quick-zoom 1.3x reflex sight.

Tactical Grip MH12 
Improves weapon change speed by 20%.
Increases reload speed by 30%.

Special Grip MH12 
Decreases maximum recoil by 30%.

Vortex Viper Reflex Sight
Fast-zoom 1.3x.
Decreases spread by 20%.


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

With such a reliable friend at hand you will dread no enemies!

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