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Warface FAQ #20

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Warface FAQ #20 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Will there be more World War 2 weapons?
The game story takes place in 2040+ which doesn’t suggest adding WWII weapons as a regular armory. The existing WWII weapons were added to the game on an event basis and the developers have no plans to extend this line-up. 
  • Will you add armor into the crafting system?
Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider it.
  • Will there be a fire mode selection in Warface (e.g. semi-auto -> auto)?
No, as every weapon stats are balanced only for one fire mode.
  • Is it possible to remove the defibrillator for SED in Ranked?
Unfortunately it’s a default support item that cannot be unequipped (same as an armor restoration plate or a med kit for medic). 
  • Will you remove the collision between players of the same team? They end up accidentally blocking the movement of other teammates.
It’s a part of the gameplay and thus cannot be removed. If you experience any particular problems with the collision, feel free to record a video and send to our support staff. Thanks in advance!
  • Do you still have a partnership with Twitch?
If you mean the Twitch Drops thing, we might reintroduce it in the future on an even basis. Please stay posted!

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