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Warface FAQ #21

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Warface FAQ #21 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Why do I have issues with the internet when the Game Center is launched?
The Game Center works as a torrent client. You can prevent its usage by limiting the upload speed in the settings (“Downloading” tab) or unchecking the box “Continue distributing…”. If it doesn’t help, please contact our customer support. 
  • Merge when?
As it was mentioned before we’ll be able to give you the exact dates only after we carry out a testing on the PTS. We’re doing our best to make it possible before the end of Q1 (March), however the ETA may be shifted if required. It’s a complicated procedure, and we want it to go as smooth as possible.
  • Do you have plans to rework Warface Subscription system?
Yes, we plan to rework it in the future.
  • Do you plan to rework the rewards for the PVE missions (especially the crowns)?
No, the developers have no plans to change the rewards for the missions.
  • Why I can't select Istanbul server?
If you have at least one server that gives you <60ms, you will see only these servers. Apparently, the server you currently use has less than 60 ms and the one in Istanbul more than 60ms.
  • Will there be PVE Cups or PVE-Speedrun tournaments?
We’re thinking about adding one, please follow the news.

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