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Soon in game: "Heist" Map for Blitz

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The next seasonal update "Heist" will bring a new map for the Blitz mode that has been inspired by the namesake Special Operation. You will have to find and defuse a bomb in the most elite bank. However, the task is not as easy as it might seem - the enemies will do their best to derail the mission and detonate the charge. Be first to learn more! 


You will be able to think through the tactics taking into account three main plans of action: launch an attack moving along the corridors of the bank; occupy a higher vantage point on the second floor gaining more opportunities to track the enemy's movements, but find yourselves in a more vulnerable position; or combine both approaches and deliver a blitzkrieg attack on all fronts.

When coordinating your actions, the designation of key points on the floor diagrams will definitely come in handy. Study them to stay one step ahead of your opponents and surprise them with new and unusual tactics.

The location has a two-level design: on the lower one, you will have to shoot at mostly medium or short distances, while the second level is suitable for long-distance shootouts.


By fighting on the new map you will be able to earn two unique packs of achievements — marks for wins and a badge for the first place.

Please note that the map specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Good luck in combat!

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