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Soon in game: Battle Pass "Heist" Rewards

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The seasonal update "Heist" will bring a new Battle Pass that will offer the familiar and favoured by many mechanics — simple daily tasks and weekly missions for the most profound study of the Battle Pass as well as heaps of excellent prizes for their completion. In this publication, we'll show you multiple novelties with which you'll be able to replenish your armoury. 

Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12

A modified version of the semi-automatic rifle Saiga designed for the US market. Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 is an automatic shotgun boasting excellent specs. It favourably compares to its main competitors Uzkon UNG-12 and Typhoon F12 thanks to increased damage, great firing range and impressive hip fire accuracy, which are offset by an average rate of fire and modest ammo.

Click on the image to see weapon specs.

The weapon comes equipped with 4 unique attachments: a suppressor, a reflex sight and two grips.

The arm will be available in the crafting system. In the framework of the Battle Pass, you'll be able to collect up to 1000 free cards and use them to unlock the new gun.

"Shapeshifter" Gear

Any player can get hold of the new gear as cards for crafting the full set will be available in the free version of the global operation.

"Shapeshifter" gear is equipment for hired robbers. It is essential for them to have good protection from bullets in shootouts with the police. The new gear has the best direct armour protection (more armour points for vests, and more damage absorption points for every shot); however, it is less appealing in all other respects since it features lower movement speed values, reduced number of secondary bonuses (for example, bonuses to recoil, spread and reload), and moderate health restoration, as well as a complete lack of armour replenishment. Thanks to this, it turned out to be well-balanced and competitive.

Click on the images below to see new gear in more detail. 

Shapeshifter Rifleman

Shapeshifter Medic

Shapeshifter Engineer

Shapeshifter Sniper

"Shapeshifter" Skins

Among the Battle Pass rewards, you'll find new skins. Change your character's looks by equipping it with exclusive "Shapeshifter" appearances and boost its overall sprint distance by 60%.

The "Shapeshifter" squad skins will be distributed as rewards for premium Battle Pass participants upon reaching levels 12, 45, 75 and 90.

Weapon and camo series

The Battle Pass "Heist" will offer brand new marvellous series "Heat" and "Mechanical". The most active fighters will be able to get their hands on powerful arms inspired by the new Special Operation. Themed camos set in the same style will be a pleasant cosmetic bonus for fans of the series.

Click on the images to see their full-size versions.


"Heist" Weapon Charms

You will be able to expand your collection of available weapon charms with brand new items set in the style of the Special Operation "Heist". They will remind you of taking part in a sensational robbery and fleeing the police and special forces.

"Heist" Achievements

Participants of the new Battle Pass will be able to gain unique achievements and pin them on their profiles. Earn all the themed distinctions and showcase your experience of vault hacking at the most secure bank!

How do you like it, soldiers? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments.

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