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Warface FAQ #22

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Warface FAQ #22 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • What can I do if some player’s name is offensive?
Please report this player to the customer support.
  • Can you fix lags for Brazilian players?
As for now, we couldn’t detect any issues with the server. Please contact the customer support to get your case investigated and provide them with the diagnostic data (that can be collected in the Game Center). Thank you for understanding!
  • Let us transfer our accounts from steam to MY.GAMES.
Unfortunately, this is impossible due to our agreements with Steam.
  • Can you make new maps for TDM, Dog Tag, Storm, Domination, PTB, Free for all and Destruction?
You make it sound like it’s easy to make a map, but actually it takes months to create one. :D The developers are doing their best to provide you with new maps as often as possible, the new Blitz map “Heist” is coming in the next season. Stay posted for the future big content updates! 
  • Do you plan to add support for Portuguese location on the game website and Game Center?
We will consider it if the demand will be high enough.
  • What happened to the 2021 Roadmap btw?
We’ll share more details soon. We’ve partially revealed the key areas of work this year in this news and this video announcement. The thing is that the developers are now more focused on the seasonal system with a huge content update and less significant ones in between, and we expect that it will help us to respond much faster to your requests, contrary to planning a year ahead. 

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