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Seasonal Update "Heist" already in game!

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We are glad to present you the seasonal update "Heist". Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie with themed content! It features heaps of season-specific novelties such as a new Special Operation, a map for the "Blitz" mode, a Battle Pass, the shotgun Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 and the sniper rifle M4 Marksman Custom, weapon series and much more, as well as unseasonal content: a powerful rifle АК-15 Custom and the "Lucky Rabbit" series.

We have also made some important technical tweaks such as fixes to "freezes" and improved "bloody" effect; we have also added long-awaited gear presets and a number of bug fixes. Naturally, there is much more content waiting for you. Hurry up to check out the changes in the game!

You can see the main novelties in this article. The complete list of changes is available in the patch note.

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Full Change Log

Main New Content

Special Operation "Heist"

In the new special operation, you’ll have to pull off a full-blown bank robbery and destroy data that mustn’t fall into the hands of General Lee Warton. "Heist" is a mission for two partners, who with the help of new cable mechanics will move along the bank building, open three storage facilities with increasing levels of difficulty, while simultaneously fighting the police and special forces and, of course, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action-packed thriller.

We created a thematic set of achievements for the new special operation, which can be earned by completing "Heist".

M4 Marksman Custom

The model is a semi-automatic weapon that is capable of destroying the enemy with two impacts at any distance. It favourably compares to its closest competitors (the rifles H&K G28 and Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven) thanks to an increased damage and better rate of fire offset by a less spacious magazine and more modest ammo. The arm comes equipped with 5 unique attachments: a flame suppressor, two handles, a collimator sight and a regular sight.

The model is available in the crafting system. Cards for crafting the M4 Marksman Custom "The Big Score" can be obtained as a reward for completing the Special Operation "Heist".

"The Big Score" Series

The looks of the models will remind you about the success of the mission - just look at the weapon frames and enjoy the detailed cutscene with the opening of the vault. In addition, the guns have gold inlays, which symbolize the bank's wealth and will appeal to those who like to shoot from eye-catching weapons.

"Heist" Map for Blitz

The battle on the new map for the "Blitz" mode will unfold in locations inspired by the namesake Special Operation "Heist". The main field of battle is an elite bank located in a skyscraper. The rules remain the same: you have to find and defuse a bomb. However, the task is not as easy as it might seem - the enemies will do their best to derail the mission and detonate the charge.

Themed Safe House

The guards of the bank, which you will have to rob during the new special operation, train in the Safe House. The Safe House is decorated with themed elements and looks pretty realistic. "Parkour" training is also updated. The location got new easter eggs, which reveal new details of the plot. Will you be able to find all of them?








Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12

The Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 is an automatic shotgun boasting excellent specs. It favourably compares to its main competitors Uzkon UNG-12 and Typhoon F12 thanks to increased damage, great firing range and impressive hip fire accuracy, which are offset by an average rate of fire and modest ammo.

The weapon is available in the crafting system. In the Battle Pass, you will have the opportunity to collect up to 1000 free cards and distribute them to unlock a new gun.

"Shapeshifter" Gear Set

"Shapeshifter" gear is equipment for hired robbers. It is essential for them to have good protection from bullets in shootouts with the police. The new gear has the best direct armour protection (more armour points for vests, and more damage absorption points for every shot); however, it is less appealing in all other respects since it features lower movement speed values, reduced number of secondary bonuses (for example, bonuses to recoil, spread and reload), and moderate health restoration, as well as a complete lack of armour replenishment.

In addition, due to the special distribution of armour points among the class vests of the set, it was possible to achieve an increase in the efficiency and value of the Rifleman on the battlefield - this class received the highest number of armour points. With the new armour, the Rifleman will be able to survive longer and gain precious seconds to complete the battle in his or her favor.

Click on the images below to see new gear in more detail. 

Shapeshifter Rifleman

Shapeshifter Medic

Shapeshifter Engineer

Shapeshifter Sniper

Anyone can get the set of equipment - the reward is available in the free version of the "Heist" Battle Pass. Just reach new levels to gradually unlock the entire "Shapeshifter" set.  

"Shapeshifter" Skins

The exclusive "Shapeshifter" skins offer a unique boost - they increase the overall sprint distance by 60%. The skins are the outfit of robbers who hide their identities with frightening masks. They instill fear in any opponent and are available in 4 class-specific versions: the mask of a wolf, a bull, a monkey or a raven.

"Shapeshifter" skins are available in the premium version of the "Heist" Battle Pass. 

Weapon and Camo Series

The Battle Pass "Heist" offers brand new marvellous series "Heat" and "Mechanical". The most active fighters will be able to get their hands on powerful arms inspired by the new Special Operation. Themed camos set in the same style will be a pleasant cosmetic bonus for fans of the series.

Click on the images to see their full-size versions.


"Heist" Weapon Charms

You will be able to expand your collection of available weapon charms with brand new items set in the style of the Special Operation "Heist". They will remind you of taking part in a sensational robbery and fleeing the police and special forces.

Battle Pass Achievements

Participants of the Battle Pass will be able to gain unique achievements and decorate their profiles with them. Earn all the distinctions and showcase your vault hacking experience at the most secure bank!

АK-15 Custom

The assault rifle AK-15 is designed as an impressive modified version of the real prototype (hence the word Custom in the name) with a lot of attachments. The AK-15 Custom offers all the perks of its main competitors, but inflicts more damage due to its larger caliber. It also surpasses its counterparts in the rate of fire and hip fire accuracy.

The golden version of the gun sports an increased rate of fire, as well as a more spacious magazine and greater ammo. By eliminating enemies with it, you'll be able to get a unique distinction.

"Lucky Rabbit" Series

The seasonal Ranked Matches weapon and camouflage series line-up has been replenished with a brand new one - the spring collection "Lucky Rabbit". This special line-up is designed for the best fighters, who can boast regular impressive victories and enjoy the overall excitement of the battle while eliminating competitors in the struggle for the highest leagues. 

By landing killing blows with the "Lucky Rabbit" series, you'll be able to pin a special distinction on your profile.

There are two ways to get the "Lucky Rabbit" series: camos can be obtained in a season of Ranked Matches (we will tell you more about it in a separate publication), while the weapons will appear in the crafting system. 

But that's not all! As part of the update, the following novelties has become available:

  • Toy Hammer;
  • improved situation with "freezes";
  • crouch/stand up command improvements;
  • improved "bloody" effect upon impact;
  • gear presets;
  • in-game chat interface improvements.

Read about all these and other changes in the full change log.

Good luck in combat!

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