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Event "Heist" is live!

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The “Heist” season in Warface is in full swing. And to mark the occasion, we have launched a new in-game event under the same code name. Feel like a real hero from a dynamic action-packed thriller while cracking top-notch bank safes. Each one of them contains valuable rewards. Start right now and earn cool items!

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Event Details

The new event page takes the form of a city. Bank safes of different security levels are located on its map. They differ in the number of objects that can be found in them. Access to the banks opens gradually after you successfully crack open your first safe, as well as after achieving the required level of personal authority. Access to the event is absolutely free!

To perform some actions in the event, you may need a currency which can be earned by completing the Special Operation "Heist", in battles on the PvP map "Heist" in "Quick Play" and Ranked Matches, when opening safes in the event or by purchasing it. Each player is given 100 points of the currency at start.

There is a certain chance to crack a safe. To make your luck surer, you can use lock picks. Each of them gives you an additional 1% chance to success. It is up to you to decide how many lock picks you want to use. The more lock picks you use, the higher the chances of cracking a safe. If the safe is not yet available for cracking, the event page will specify the conditions that must be fulfilled for that safe to became available for opening.

When you try to crack a safe, it will lock itself and will be unlocked in 24 hours. If you do not want to wait that long, you can accelerate the timer by using the event currency.

Items that are in the safe can repeat or can only be obtained once. This information is available when viewing data about the safe. They cannot be sold on the Marketplace.

As a result of a successful cracking you will get Robber points that are needed to raise your authority level. The lower the chance of cracking a safe, the more Robber points you can get and the faster you can move up the authority rating.

Personnel File

This section shows your progress in the event and allows you to view the rewards that you can receive for raising your level of authority. This block displays:

  • A randomly selected player portrait that is modified over time as the authority level increases.
  • A nickname and a gang name, which are also generated randomly.
  • The authority level as well as the number of points required to obtain the next level.
  • The number of successfully opened safes.
  • The rate of successful safe cracking.
  • An average chance of your successful safe cracking.
  • Rewards for the authority level. 

Please note: you cannot change the portrait, the nickname or the name of the gang.

Good luck!

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