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Toxicity Shop Update

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Should you fancy refreshing your weapon arsenal, look no further. The new shop update is featuring some weapons of the popular "Toxicity" series. Cool and deadly guns await you. It's time to create an arsenal of your dream!

The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 9th of April:

  • Toxicity weapon series via Direct Sale for Kredits: 
Stoner LMG A1
Stoner LMG A1 "Toxicity"
CZ 805 BREN A2
CZ 805 BREN A2 "Toxicity"
F90 MBR "Toxicity"
Chiappa Triple Threat
Chiappa Triple Threat "Toxicity"
USAS-12 "Toxicity"
MAG-7 "Toxicity"
Micro-Roni "Toxicity"
ACR CQB Custom
ACR CQB Custom "Toxicity"
M4 SMG Custom
M4 SMG Custom "Toxicity"
M14 Crazy Horse
M14 Crazy Horse "Toxicity"
SV-98 "Toxicity"
Bushmaster BA50
Bushmaster BA50 "Toxicity"
CZ 75-Auto
CZ 75-Auto "Toxicity"
Balisong Knife
Balisong Knife "Toxicity"
Kel-Tec SUB2000
Kel-Tec SUB2000 "Toxicity"
XM556 Microgun
XM556 Microgun "Toxicity"
  • Random Boxes for Kredits with a 20% discount: Marlin 1894 Custom, Thompson M1928, H&K 121, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm.

For the glory!

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