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Marathon of Fortune

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Enjoy our great offer — top up, make purchases and get delightful rewards! Just buy Kredits on our website and for every 4,000 Kredits  spent you can open a unique crate with a whole bunch of golden weapons.

Offer page

Marathon of Fortune

  1. The offer is already available and will last till 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 8th of April, just top up and purchase the items you want from the game store. During the offer, all your payments add up — getting a desired gift will be a piece of cake!
  2. For every 4,000 Kredits you top up and spend in the game store in total during the offer period, you will receive a unique crate that you can open on the offer page. Your random gift will be available for transfer in the "Inventory" section of the website. Please note: it can take some time for the data to be refreshed.
  3. You can open an unlimited amount of crates for every 4,000 Kredits you spend. The full list of weapons in the crate is available on the offer page (the weapons are permanent).

Golden Stoner LMG A1

Golden Sten MKIIS

Golden Marlin 1894 Custom

Golden Typhoon F12

Golden Thompson M1928

Golden SIG MPX SBR Custom

Golden Bushmaster BA50

Golden CDX-MC Kraken


Q: If I want to receive the gift for 4,000 Kredits, do I need to make one single purchase of 4,000 Kredits?
A: Not necessarily. All top-ups add up, so they can be distributed at your discretion.

Q:What gifts are in the crate?
A: The full list of weapons in the crate is available on the offer page. You have an equal chance of receiving any of them.

Q: Can I sell the reward items on the Matketplace?
A: Unfortinately, no, you cannot.

Q: How many times can I get a gift?
A: You can open an unlimited amount of crates. For every 4,000 Kredits you spend you will get another try to open a crate.

May luck be on your side!

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