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Server Merger: Status

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The work on the server merger is in full swing, and unfortunately we were not able to complete it by the end of the Q1. In this article we want to clarify what are the directions of our work, what progress we achieved in each of them and what are the estimates.

Game Center changes

Game launcher will allow you to choose a character if you played on both EU and NA. Also, it will be able to provide our players with all existing regional servers on the merged shard. 
Status: all the necessary preparations are finished.

Game changes

The game itself required some tuning up to adjust for one future server and the final patch is currently being tested. As soon as it’s finished we’ll be able to roll out a PTS (Public Test Server) which is scheduled for one of the following weeks. Please follow the news!
Status: testing in progress.

Web-side changes

  • Internal structure
Actually this is the most difficult part. We need to readjust all our internal services and tools to the character selection system instead of the server-based one. We will continue the development simultaneously with the game testing as it’s a crucial rework for the merger.
Status: under development.
  • Services
We are developing new additional services to make the transition as smooth as possible (such as clan name change for the clans with the same name of both servers).
Status: under development.

What’s next?

As we mentioned before, our next step is opening the PTS which may happen in the nearest future. Upon the testing results we will be able to provide more information on when to expect the merger. 
Please stay tuned!

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