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Categories: Anti-Cheat
Dear players!
We are doing our best to provide our players with a fair and non-toxic environment. Preventing the use of potentially harmful software (including cheats) in our games remains one of the key directions of our team's effort. However, the fight against cheaters wouldn’t be possible without an input from you in a form of reporting.
Speaking statistically, this fight had a result - there are way less cheaters than there used to be back in 2018 when we first introduced a special reward - an achievement for cheater reporting. This is why we decided to readjust our internal requirements for getting this stripe.
As before, the exact conditions will remain unknown to prevent abusing the reward system in any way, but they will still include the main criteria: the accuracy of reporting. To receive the achievement you will need to make a certain amount of in-game reports and some percentage of these reports should have a positive result (the cheater gets banned).
This system has already started working and more than 150 players will receive this achievement today. We are extremely grateful to our most active community members who detect cheaters that violate the game rules – and report them to us.
We also remind you that each Warface player has no more than ten effective reports that can be filed-in during one day.
Join the fight - together we will win!

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