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90% discount on both subscription types

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Do you want great guns, equipment, camo and other useful items? Then join the subscription service! With the current offer the cost of any subscription will be reduced by 90%. Choose the type of access (gold or standrad) - and enjoy all the benefits!  


The offer is already valid and will be off at 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 4th of May. It applies to the purchase of a monthly gold or standard version of the subscription. You can get access to it on a special page. Please note: you can only use the offer once.

How does the subscription work?
  • The subscription duration is 1 month. After the expiration date, it can be renewed.
  • Every Monday after 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) there is an opportunity to choose a new set of weapons and equipment. Still, you can use the service any other day before the timer is reset.
  • Every week for a month, a choice of temporary sets of weapons and equipment for four classes is offered. You must choose one of them for the following 7 days.
  • The choice of class will determine which set of temporary equipment you receive. For example, in the first week, you can choose the Rifleman set, the next week - Medic, and so on. Please note that once confirmed, the selection cannot be changed until the next Monday, when the timer is reset.
  • The selected set of items can be picked up from the "My Items" section in your personal account.
  • If you have an active subscription, you can take advantage of the promotion and renew it, or switch to another type at a discounted price.

Best of luck in combat!

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