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Game Update - 02.06.2021

Categories: Patch Notes


A hotfix for the second part of the May update has just landed on the game servers. It brings improved specs for the "Infernal" weapons, the Famas F1 Special "Highwayman" and the Mag-7 Special "Highwayman" as well as several bug fixes.

Tweaks to some weapon models

"Infernal" Series

Now all weapon models of the series can boast the specs of the golden versions (except the Barrett M98B). And this means that you will be able to equip your character with guns sporting a unique animation, cool looks, and impressive combat power!

Famas F1 Special "Highwayman"

  • Increased rate of fire (from 640 to 675).
  • Reduced effective range (from 17,5 to 16,5).

Mag-7 Special "Highwayman"

  • Increased effective range (from 6,5 to 7).
  • Reduced rate of fire (from 138 to 132 in aiming mode, and from 126 to 120 in hip fire mode).

Other Changes

  • Updated log-in rewards.
  • The crafting system line-up has been expanded with the Mag-7 Special "Highwayman" and the Famas F1 Special "Highwayman" as well as the "Aztec" series (except the DVL-10 М2 that will become available later).
  • Changed the rarity of some weapon models.
  • Updated some in-game texts and descriptions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some visual bugs of the themed background in the lobby (MY.GAMES).

Known Bugs

  • The chosen camouflage is not saved after installing it on some golden models.
  • Incorrect localization (discrepancy of names or their absence). 

See you in game!

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