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Tips for new players: how to earn experience faster

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In any game, not only your overall skill level is important, but so is a sufficient amount of experience points, so that you can get the cooler gear or pass more difficult and interesting missions. But to those who are in the game for the first time and have not yet figured out what’s what, gaining experience can take quite a lot of time and effort. We decided to make it a little easier for the beginners and prepared a small tutorial, which will help you quickly earn experience and refine your skills.

About experience

In Warface there are two types of experience — regular experience and vendor points. The first one is necessary to increase your rank and the second one allows you to unlock new items in a special catalog. There is a reward for each new rank  — a random box with a random weapon. The higher the rank, the better the gun and the longer you can use it.

The accumulation of vendor points allows access to more powerful weapons, gear, and equipment. The quantity of experience you can get for a match is affected by many factors, but it directly depends on the base rewards of the game mode and on how many points you’ve earned for various actions:

  • killing your enemy;
  • headshots;
  • melee kills;
  • mine kills;
  • reanimating a teammate;
  • restoring your teammate's health, armor and ammo;
  • helping your knocked down teammate;
  • destroying an enemy mine;
  • assist kills and many others.

The exact list of these actions depends on the game mode. For example, in PvP you can earn extra points for planting/demining bombs, capturing and defending capture points, and collecting tokens. In PvE you can earn them by performing tasks, completing missions on Hard, completing certain stages, and so on. Therefore, it is important to study the peculiarities of each game mode and the base rewards before diving into the action.



Special Operations

Open Random Boxes to get experience or earn even more points with the help of mini-achievements that are issued for special combat successes — killing an enemy while jumping or sliding, killing several enemies with one shot or in a row and many others. 

Regarding experience gain in PvE missions

PvE missions and special operations are a popular way of earning experience because they provide several levels of difficulty. We recommend beginners pay attention to PvE-missions — they are faster and easier to complete than the special operations that suit the more experienced players who are familiar with the peculiarities of the game mechanics and certain mode restrictions.

Level of difficulty

The increase in difficulty of the PvE missions is regularly reflected in their rewards; therefore you can earn the greatest amount of XP and VP by completing the missions on "Hard". The same is true for special operations — the most difficult ones are the most profitable. In "Blackwood", "Hydra" and "Swarm" you can earn the largest amount of both XP and VP. In addition to experience, you will have a chance to get cool permanent guns, as well as Crowns, about which we talked in a separate article.

It is also worth remembering that you can earn the greatest number of experience points if you complete the special operation, which means completing all the maps inside it.

Commander's Orders

During the completion of PvE missions, players are given additional tasks. The successful completion of each of the tasks will be rewarded by a 10% bonus to your rewards, including XP and VP.


Modifiers are a point multiplier that you can receive for getting kills and mini-achievements in PvE missions. Upon receiving the points in a short period of time, the modifier increases. The maximum value of the multiplier is x5. This means that the number of additional points will be increased 5 times, which will affect the number of rewards.

Regarding experience gain in PvP missions

PvP modes give you less experience than PvE missions and special operations, but their big advantage is quick completion time, which takes an average of 15 minutes. Players receive more experience for the first victory of the day, but almost half that amount for the first defeat. In addition, some PvP modes do not provide experience points in the case of defeat (for example, "Bag and Tag").

Essentially, there are two gaming modes in PvP: team mode and solo mode. Solo will suit more experienced players, but the team mode will become an excellent opportunity for newcomers to earn experience and achievements, as well as get comfortable in the game. But if you want to try your hand at solo mode, keep in mind that in case of defeat you will not receive rewards and experience points.

Playing as a team on the other hand allows you to not only earn experience no matter the outcome but also to learn from experienced players. Participants of different ranks get matched into a team so that the strength of the opposing sides is equal. This means that even if you are still figuring everything out in the game and are not very confident in your abilities, the chance of victory is still highly probable.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is also an excellent way to get additional rewards and experience points. It will help players who are new to Warface to level up faster, as well as get weapons or higher class gear.

Increased rewards and boosters

First victory

Every day for the first victory you get, regardless of the mode, you will receive an increased experience.

  • In PvP, you can get bonus experience by winning once in each mode. The exceptions are "Bag and Tag" and "Free-For-All" — they provide a bonus only for the successful completion of the match.
  • In the PvE you can receive a first-time bonus for every mission. Please note that the counter for the additional rewards for the first completion is reset after new missions have been released.

Happy Hours

"Happy Hours" are a time interval when all players receive 1.5 times more XP and VP, as well as WF$.

"Happy Hours" are valid from Monday to Friday at the specified times:


  • from 20:00 UTC to 21:59 UTC;
  • from 07:00 UTC to 09:00 UTC;


  • from 15:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC;
  • from 07:00 UTC to 09:00 UTC;

To receive the bonus, you must start the match during the "Happy Hours". The time at which the match ends does not matter.


Boosters allow you to increase the amount of experience you gain. Bonuses for all the boosters add up together, thereby achieving maximum benefit. In the game, you can get boosters from random boxes and for completing special operations at certain difficulty levels: "Anubis", "Blackout", "Pripyat", "Sunrise", "Mars", "Hydra", "Operation Blackwood", “Swarm”, “Heist”.

VIP Boosters

This is an improved version of conventional boosters, which increase the experience you would usually get from PvE missions and PvP battles, character experience is increased by 100%, and VP gain by 50%. Additionally, the amount of WF$ you receive is increased by 75%.

You can get the VIP Booster:

  • via the premium access to the Battle Pass;
  • in the VIP subscription for 30 days;
  • in in-game events;
  • for victories in competitions on our social networks.


The Mega VIP booster has the biggest experience bonus: +180% XP, +130% VP, as well as +165% WF$.

You can get the booster by buying the Warface Plus Gold subscription.

Increased rewards

Increased rewards are activated during certain holidays and important events. In order not to miss them, follow the news on the site and our social networks! The bonus will appear after the end of the battle in the upper left corner.

Your Team

Last, but not least — is your team. In a company of reliable teammates, the chance of passing a mission or special operation with the maximum number of completed tasks is much higher than if you are alone, and therefore the number of earned experience points will be higher. Not to mention that completing the same maps several times and getting all the possible achievements is easier and more fun with friends who will cover you when you need it most.

We hope this material will help you in leveling up your character!

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