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Merger Public Test Server

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Merger testing is in a full swing, and we invite you to join the public one which will take place from June 4 on a PTS.

What is PTS?

PTS is a public test server that allows to test patches before they arrive to the live servers. Any progress or items received on the test server do not get transferred to the main servers.

How do I access PTS?

  • Type “Warface PTS” in the search bar in the Game Center.
  • In order to access PTS you’ll need to download the game client. To avoid it, you can copy the game files of the main client to a separate folder and put a path to it in the settings.
After that you should receive a message that the client has been installed successfully and the Game Center will suggest verifying the game files.
  • After the check is complete, you can click on “Play”. The Game Center will suggest choosing one of the existing characters (in case you have characters on both EU and NA servers).
If your characters had the same game name on EU and NA, one of them will receive a postfix “_eu” or “_na”. You will keep your initial nickname on a character with a higher rank. If the ranks are the same, the date of creation will be taken into consideration. Characters, renamed by the system during the merger, will be eligible for a free name change.
Clan names can be also reset if the same clan name existed on both servers. The elder clan will keep an initial name while the second one will transform into digital ID. The clan master will be able to change this ID to a new clan name on a special page.

During this PTS we will ask you to check if all the data from your account was transferred correctly. Please note that the database is dated May 13, so that some recent items may be missing from your inventory. If you found any issue you can leave your feedback on our official Discord server in a special channel #pc_pts_feedback. In order to compile a report, please provide us with the following data:

  • Your nickname on Warface servers.
  • Description of the issue (try to include a video if possible).
The duration of the PTS uptime will depend on the testing results. We appreciate your support and contribution to the merger testing. 
See you in the game!

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