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Summer Clans Cup: Brazil and Europe

Categories: ESports


Every experienced soldier for sure knows the key for success and glorious victories: the outcome of many battles heavily depends on effective teamwork. The Summer Clans Cup is ready to embrace the most united teams of clans who share the gameplay style and do not need words to carry out their common strategy. Assemble a team of the best players of your clan and compete in a Warface clan tournament. Fight for the title of the strongest clan and earn nice prizes!


The competition will be carried out for the European and Brazilian regions. Players will fight for the title of the best Warface clan. 

  • Format: 7x7.
  • You should join the clan no later than the 13th of June, inclusive.
  • The tournament will take place on the tournament server on the regional servers of Sao Paulo for Brazil and Amsterdam for Europe. 
  • Registration for the tournaments will start in August.
  • At the competition, each clan can be represented by only one team.


  • Clans Cup Brazil: 21-22 of August 2021.
  • Clans Cup Europe: 28-29 of August 2021.


Summer Clans Cup Achievements

By taking part in the clans tournament, you will get amazing achievements that will demonstrate your loyalty and ability to work in team. The spoils of war include a badge "Clans Cup Participant" awarded to all tournament participants; while the stripe "The Strongest Clan" will become a victory flag of the winning team. Moreover, you will get a blazing mark "Clan Wars Leaders" for becoming the most powerful clan of the server!

Demonstrate your loyalty to the clan and get memorable distinctions fighting side by side with your comrades!

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