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Game Update - 16.06.2021

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A patch for the second part of the May update has been installed on the game servers. We have fixed some of the causes for freezes as well as the "Report Abuser" button, and are gradually introducing new content: weapons series, armour elements, skins, new versions of the already well known models. Check out the full list of changes and download the current version of the client in the Game Center!

Previous Version

Important fixes


We have fixed the bug due to which using certain weapon models caused freezes in matches. This is an important change, which many of you have really been looking forward to. We ask you to continue monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the changes by noting if freezes are still present when using or selecting weapons. Do not hesitate to report all the results (even if freezes have disappeared) in  comments or discussions. We keep track of the feedback and will continue to monitor the situation. 

We would like to point out that fight against freezes is a multi-step process. The current solution is one of the first measures in our plan. But active work in this direction does not stop there: we expect to deliver more fixes, which should solve the problem.


  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Report Abuser" button did not work during matches.
  • Fixed some bugs due to which players experienced significant FPS drops during a match.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the rarity of some items was incorrect.
  • The DVL-10 M2 "Aztec" added to the crafting system.
  • The Fabarm STF 12 Short can now be used in Ranked Matches again.

New content 

The game now has plenty of novelties, but not all of them will be available immediately. We plan to gradually introduce new content so that you had more time to familiarize yourselves with new items. The article is updated on a regular basis: you will be able to find the description of new products and learn how to obtain different models. Drop by regularly to learn the details.

M4A1 Custom

A modified version of the M4A1 rifle. It has excellent specs: increased damage, range and rate of fire, increased hip-fire accuracy and even more ammunition. The gun has a new look, achieved by using additional attachments.

AUG A3 9mm XS Custom

A new weapon for Engineers. In comparison with the AUG A3 9mm XS, it is distinguished by increased damage, range and damage multipliers to the head and limbs, as well as more ammunition. This is offset by a reduced rate of fire and hip-fire accuracy.

Please note: we want to finalize the looks of the model and its specs; thus, the AUG A3 9mm XS Custom and its "Sandstone" version will appear in the game later.

CheyTac M200 Special

A new, improved version of the legendary bolt-action weapon. It has unique specs as well as an updated appearance. It differs from the basic version due to its increased damage and multipliers to limbs, as well as increased ammunition, but sports reduced range and hip-fire accuracy. 

Survival Machete, Flamethrower Machete and Chainsaw Machete

New melee weapons created specifically for fans of "gory" gameplay. The arms boast powerful specs similar to those of the Tomahawk Gerber and even better, as well as an impressive appearance that will appeal to those soldiers who prefer to solve their problems with sharp blades instead of bullets.

"Sandstone" Set

This set includes a series of weapons for every taste, as well as a skin for the Rifleman. The looks of the guns will remind you of the desert sands and survival in hellishly hot conditions. The series consists of weapons and camouflages for the AUG A3 9mm XS Custom, AMB-17, Taurus Judge and Kunai.

Soldiers equipped in the "Sandstone" skin are not afraid of heat and challenging tactical environments. They are tenacious, and fully ready to take on any tasks on the battlefield.

"Liberty" Set

A themed series for fans of American culture, designed in the country's national colours and decorated with recognizable symbols. It includes two armour pieces (a helmet and gloves), as well as two weapon models - the M48 Bowie knife and the COLT Python Elite gun. Check out the armour specs below.

"Liberty" helmet

  • Reduces the effect of flashbang grenades by 40%.
  • Increases head protection by 70%.
  • Gradually restores 5 health points (after 3 sec. without damage) if there are no similar stronger effects. 

"Liberty" gloves

  • Increase arm protection by 20%.
  • Increase reload speed by 20%.
  • Increase accuracy by 5%.
  • Decrease recoil by 10%.

New Charms

The weapon charm assortment has been replenished with three more items: "Bald Eagle", "BFF" and "Demolitionist".


  • The logos on the loading screen have been updated.
  • The game texts and descriptions have been updated.

Good luck in battle!

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