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Warface is now available in Epic Games Store

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We are excited to announce that Warface is now available in Epic Games Store. So now you have quite an ample choice of platforms to play your favourite game. This is great news for both the Epic Games community and the active audience of the project: we are opening new access points to the game so that the audience of the project continues growing and becomes more diverse!


Starting from today, every newcommer can create a Warface account on this page using an Epic Games Store account. To mark the occasion, we greet our new comrades and give away a welcome gift: all new users who will join Warface via EGS will have a month to claim a unique reward - a pack of powerful "Syndicate" gear that will surely boost your performance in combat and make the gameplay even more enjoyable. The set includes class-specific items such as a vest, helmet, primary gun as well as gloves, boots, an excellent secondary weapon and a handy melee arm. The rewards will appear on the game account upon creating a character. Please note that the prizes will be given during a month.

Seasonal Events

We would like to tell newcomers that right now there are many on-going activities in the game, and we invite everyone to take part, acquire valuable rewards and have fun!

Summer Games Ranked Matches Solo PvE

In addition, we're gearing up for a major seasonal update that will bring the Battle Pass, contracts system, new weapons, and more exciting novelties!

Differences for Epic Games Store and MY.GAMES users

The game is available in the Epic Games Store just like it is in Steam: new players will fight on the same servers with the entire international audience of the game. They will have access to the full functionality of the website and the forum. Account replenishment will be carried out in the same way as for other users of the MY.GAMES Game Center: through the official website or the purchase button in the game.

The service "Market" will require EGS-users to create a separate account in the Game Center, but they will be able to transfer the received rewards to any account. At the same time, to use LootDog, you will need to link your in-game account to the account of this platform.

The rest of the pages and services on the game website will be fully available to new users. To access them, you must select "Epic Games" when logging in on the website and proceed with the data of your store account.

How do I launch the game?

To get started, add Warface to your game library and click the "Install" button in the Epic Games Store launcher. After that, a special distribution kit of the Game Center will be downloaded. It does not require logging in and will not contain other games - it is necessary to select the server and region of the game, as well as to update the game client.

By clicking the "Download" button in the Game Center, you will see the installation status of the game, and upon completion you can click the "Play" button and select a region. The Warface game client will occupy about 25 GB on your computer. You can learn the system requirements of the game on a special page.


Who exactly and in which countries will get access to Warface via EGS?
Warface will be available to all players with access to EGS.

What are the benefits for current players?
A greater community means more interesting meetings and acquaintances! In addition, growing audience always has a positive effect on the matchmaking speed and team balance.

Will EGS users have a separate server?
No, EGS players will have access to the same servers as everyone else. Players from all over the world except for the CIS countries will join the Warface International version.

Will it be possible to transfer characters from the Game Center or Steam to EGS?
No, EGS will become another entry point into the game, but it will not affect the existing functionality in any way.

Why cannot you enable accounts transfer?
Unfortunately, changing the huge existing functionality and transferring it between platforms is an extremely risky and complex process, both from a technical and legal point of view. We would not want to risk our user accounts.

How do I launch the game via EGS?
Once the store page is open, you can add Warface to your list of games and then launch it through the website or the app. EGS users will still see the Game Center dialog box, although they do not need to log into it. This will be a special version of the launcher required only to select a server and region.

Is the game free?
Yes. As before, anyone can download Warface.

How will EGS users carry out in-game purchases?
The purchase of Kredits and other in-game items will take place through the official website of the game or through the in-game interface.

Welcome to the fold, soldiers!

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