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[UPD] Awaiting the update together: "Cherry Blossom" RM Season

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We know that you are looking forward to the installation of a new update. We are sorry for having to keep you waiting and are as impatient to see live the exciting content we had prepared as you are.

However, the update is not only about the introduction of new stuff but rather about the introduction of high-quality stuff. And following the goals set at the beginning of the year, we are determined to polish the upcoming patch and deliver pure excitement and entertainment not marred by any technical issues.

To reach this objective, we had to extend the testing period and are putting every effort into delivering a stable update and a pack of technical improvements as soon as possible. So, keeping that in mind, to make the wait feel shorter, we have launched a special Ranked Matches season that offers exceptional rewards. In the current season, you will be gaining permanent and temporary weapons of the “Cherry Blossom” series upon reaching certain leagues. Read on to learn more.

UPD: The special "Cherry Blossom" Season will be prolonged till the 25th of August


  • The new Season will last till 08:30 UTC (09:30 CET) on the 18th of August.
  • You will fight on the maps of "Plant the bomb" game mode and Blitz except for "Platform" and "Heist".
  • SEDs are excluded from the Ranked.
  • The standard progression is on.

In order to advance between leagues, you need to win consecutive matches. As you climb higher, you will have to display better prowess, flexibility and persistence. At the same time, you won’t drop down instantaneously if you happen to lose — you will have a chance to recover by winning a series of matches. If you fail to use this opportunity and continue to lose, you’ll roll back to the previous league.

League Matches to win
21 1 out of 4
20 1 out of 4
19 1 out of 4
18 1 out of 4
17 2 out of 5
16 2 out of 5
15 2 out of 5
14 2 out of 5
13 2 out of 5
12 3 out of 6
11 3 out of 6
10 3 out of 6
9 3 out of 6
8 3 out of 6
7 4 out of 7
6 4 out of 7
5 4 out of 7
4 4 out of 7
3 5 out of 8
2 5 out of 8
1 5 out of 8
0 1 out of 5

In case of consistent progress, you will receive a special bonus for a winning streak. How does it work? It is quite simple: if you manage three wins in a row in the last matches of the previous league, you will automatically get one win in the new league. Here is an example.

Sixth League

A bonus for the winning streak is not counted: you will not be granted additional victory in the fifth league.

A bonus for the winning streak is counted: you will be granted additional victory in the fifth league.


Apart from the regular rewards, by taking part in the current RM season, you can earn additional prizes - permanent and temporary weapons of the "Cherry Blossom" series.


  • The unique stripe "Legionnaire's Strength" and the "Warface Ranking Matches League" badge will be given immediately upon reaching the 1st and the 21st leagues respectively and not after the end of the season as it used to be.
  • "Cherry Blossom" weapons will be given for the 21st-6th leagues.
  • Those players who reach the 3rd, the 2nd or the 1st leagues will get a random camo box containing the Ruby, Aztec or the Diamonds camos.

Additional Information
  • Top contenders that finish the season in the first league will be able to proudly fly their "Legionnaire's Strength" stripe. Repeat success for 12 consecutive seasons to collect a complete collection of special achievements: you will get the unique mark "Best of the best!"
  • There are achievements for other successes such as the league achieved at the end of the season, the status of "the best player in the winning team".
  • If you skip a season, you’ll have to wait until the 12-season cycle is complete to try and earn the first league achievement again! All achievements can be obtained only once.
  • Seasonal box camos are random and do not repeat.
  • To obtain achievements according to the occupied places ("Special Metal Forces Squad", "Silver Veterans Squad", "Elite Carbon Squad" or "Gold Legendary Squad") and camos after the end of the season, you must log into the game during the next season. Otherwise, if you come back after several seasons of Ranked Matches, the reward will be lost.

Please remember, that you can always check your progress on your profile page.

Compete and conquer!

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