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Warface FAQ #29

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Warface FAQ #29 is here - it's time to get the answers to the most burning questions. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Where did the weapon exchange option go? I can’t find it in my profile.
The service has been removed due to low demand. At the moment, the team is deciding if it is possible to bring it back reworked, or it will remain unavailable.
  • Why does the BP keep getting extended? Any news on the next content update?
The developers aim to mitigate part of the reason causing freezes, and they are testing solutions on the RU PTS. As for now, they are not satisfied with the result, so the update is getting postponed. We expect a solution to be found in the nearest future and the update will be installed ASAP.
In order to close the gap between the BPs, we have to prolong a current one. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Speaking of freezes, why is it so hard to fix them?
There are multiple reason causing different types of freezes in the game. The developers are working hard on mitigating all of them, however it cannot be done at once, it requires time. Some of these reasons concern basic game mechanics, and the devs have to be especially careful about changing anything because the consequences can be unpredictable. This is why they are taking their time and gradually test fixes to ensure that everything’s working as intended. 
  • Can you add permanent Elite Crown armor for crowns?
Your suggestion has been forwarded, thank you!
  • Will there be WF$ random boxes rotation?
All WF$-tier boxes are available in the “Random boxes” tab of the shop, so there will be no rotations. There might be some special offers for WF$ on an event basis. 

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