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New "Engineer Weapon" Bundle is already available

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The "Engineer Weapon" bundle is now available on the top up page, it contains the powerful SIG MPX SBR Custom and Kredits. Don’t miss on this advantageous offer!


The offer has already begun and is available on a special page.

The "Engineer Weapon" bundle can be purchased if you didn't buy any Kredits or other services in the period from 21:00 UTC (23:00 CEST) on the 1st of January till the start of the offer at 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 19th of August. Also, your account must be created before 2021. Inside the set is a permanent SIG MPX SBR Custom and Kredits.

To know for sure whether your account meets the conditions of the offer, check that the pack is present on the top-up page.


  1. On the special page, select the pack you want;
  2. Make the purchase;
  3. Collect the contents of the pack from the "My Items" page.

Please note: these packs can be purchased only on a special page and only upon the activation of the corresponding offer. Other offers (discounts, bonuses, etc.) do not apply to these packs. You can use this offer only once for each pack.

Other conditions of the offer
  • Receiving Kredits from the packs is not equivalent to purchasing in-game currency.
  • Promotional items will appear on the "My Items" page.

To new adventures!

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