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F.A.Q.: Modifications

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The recent news related to weapon modifications has caused heated discussions. It's great to see that you have lots of thoughts to share with us! Some users liked the novelty, others expressed certain concerns. We also noticed that your feedback includes possible pros and cons of the new system. Thanks to those who left well-structured feedback and arguments.

Naturally, it is difficult to draw correct conclusions about a new product based only on a video. Moreover, it is worth noting that the drafts shown are still work in progress. Therefore, we understand the confusion of some players - it is not clear yet how the system will work.

While the developers are preparing the innovation for testing, we will answer the most frequently asked questions.


General Questions

Q: Why have you decided to add modifications at all?
A: Mods aim to solve several important problems reported by players:

  • They will provide more opportunities to customise game classes by changing mods.
  • They will make outdated weapon models more competitive (learn details in the next question).
  • They will add variety to the game and give new goals to those who got a little bored.

Q: How will mods help to bring back the relevance of old weapon models?
A: It will be much easier to upgrade old versions than new and potent ones. This will make it more accessible to customise your favourite, but less competitive gun. You will be able to upgrade it faster and use it in battle in a new way.

Q: Will this not ruin the game for newcomers who can be insulted by top-level veterans?
A: We'd like to remind you that up to a certain rank, newcomers do not meet veterans. This time will be enough to earn some mods and upgrade your favourite weapons and armour to your taste.

Item upgrade, gain of mods and resources 

Q: What ways will there be of getting mods in general? Will it be possible to get them from Random Boxes?
A: At the first stage, they can only be obtained while upgrading each individual weapon. At the same time, parts for their creation can be earned in a variety of ways, including completing contracts or buying them in the store.

Q: How difficult will it be to get resources and mods?
A: It will take you time, but it won't be a really difficult task like completing complicated missions. We want this system to work the way you unlock Vendor items - the game will encourage you to play at a comfortable pace, but for a longer period of time.

Q: How long will it take to upgrade weapons to the maximum level?
A: It is not yet possible to give exact numbers and the complexity of the system will change according to the results of the first tests. However, already now we can say for sure: the more powerful your weapon is, the slower it will be upgraded.

Q: Will I need to spend Kredits to modify weapons and armour?
A: No. To upgrade items, you will need WF$ and Crowns earned in the game. Kredits can be an optional currency, but not mandatory.

Regarding Mods

Q: Will there be mods without any negative effects?
A: Yes, there may be such mods.

Q: Will it be possible to switch mods from one weapon/piece of armour to another one at any time and without restrictions?
A: No, each weapon will have its own mods and the order of their creation.

Q: Will mods be the same for every weapon model?
A: At the moment, the mods are divided into classes, but we are considering the possibility of adding unique mods for individual series or weapon models within the same class.

Q: Will the characteristics of mods change after they appear in the game?
A: Unfortunately, this is possible. If the situation in the game changes significantly over time and the developers have good reasons for this.

Regarding in-game balance

Q: What if mods will upset the current balance of weapons and classes in the game?
A:  This is the most important question for us as well. Therefore, during testing, we will experiment a lot to decide which mods are acceptable and which ones are not. Eventually, we want to come up with a system that will add variability and make encounters with the enemy less predictable, but at the same time will preserve all the basic principles that exist in the game now.

Q: Can we get a combination of mods and items that will be significantly more potent than others?
A: We will do our best to prevent this. When it comes to subjective and contradictory things, the developers necessarily rely on two irreplaceable sources: project metrics (statistical indicator) and your feedback (sociological indicator). That is why your feedback will be taken into consideration and will really help us!

Q: What the game balance will be like after the release of mods?
A: We strive to end up with a system in which using a certain set of mods will allow you to more easily deal with some opponents, but make it more difficult to cope with other enemies depending on their set of mods, class and a specific in-game situation. Each player must have strengths and weaknesses. It is likely that a player without any modifications will be stronger than a player with mods surpassing him or her by some specs but losing by others.

Q: Will the game become much more difficult?
A: In terms of the new mechanics and variables that players will have to take into account when facing the enemy, indeed, the game will become technically more difficult. But in terms of confronting other players, no. As we have pointed out, a player without any mods will retain individual pros and cons. The system will diversify the gameplay.

Q: The mods shown earlier in the video look unbalanced.
A: In videos you will see many more work in progress mods. This does not mean that they will appear in the game in this form. 
Q: Will the weapons be balanced to one common level? Now all models in the game are very different from each other.
A:We do not plan to globally change the balance of all weapons in the game. But we will continue to make tweaks and regularly improve the obviously weak models, just as before.


Q: Why do you demonstrate a mod that increases limb damage, but do not reveal the basic limb damage indicators in the game?
A: Damage to the limbs is not a secret specification and we had no intention to conceal it. But the fact that this indicator is not displayed in the game is really a problem. Now the developers are preparing a new game menu interface, and they will take this into account - damage to the limbs will be shown in the client. Unfortunately, this update will be delivered after mods, and we will announce the exact date later.

Q: Will each piece of armour have a mastery level or will it apply only to vests?
О: At the moment, yes.

Q: Will it be possible to install a regeneration mod on a piece of armour if the armor already has regeneration?
A: Perhaps, why not.

Q: Will it be possible to use the regeneration mod with any class?
A: We have not made a final decision on this issue yet. We keep experimenting and trying different combinations.

Q: Will it be possible to modify melee weapons?
A: Not yet, but we think it would be nice to add this feature in the future.

Q: Will there be mods for Sniper bolt-action rifles (increasing the rate of fire or the aiming speed)?
A: We will discuss a specific list of mods during testing of new items.

Regarding Realism

Q: The system looks unrealistic. A: To some extent, it is realistic since real models of weapons and armour can also be modified by changing the type of barrel, caliber, buttstock, ammunition feed system, composition and placement of armour plates and other elements. At the same time, the properties of the item also change, be it damage, recoil, ergonomics, and so on. Although this is just an example, we agree that the mod system is essentially a game conditionality.

Q: How is it possible that the same gun will deal damage in different ways?
A: From the point of view of realism, we have told about this in the previous question. From the point of view of technical implementation, it is quite simple and we are sure that the developers will cope with it.

In conclusion, we'd like to talk about future plans and problems that the developers are facing right now. The most relevant questions for us are:

  1. whether the system of earning resources will be comfortable for you,
  2. will it be possible to make the system well-balanced and fair.

These are the questions we will have to answer during the testing. In the meantime, it's too early to draw conclusions - let's wait for the update together!

This is the list of the most frequently asked questions regarding mods. Keep asking, we will certainly answer them and tell you more about the new system!

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