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Game Hotfix - 26.08.2021

Categories: Patch Notes


A hotfix for the "Hidden War" update has been installed on the game servers. In the current version, we have fixed an in-game vulnerability related to the use of smoke grenades, improved the characteristics of the shotgun SPAS-12 Special, and fixed some bugs.

Content Changes

Weapon Tweaks

  • SPAS-12 Special (including the "Moray" version): increased damage to 800 (used to be 700), reduced recoil.
  • Bats: added unique sounds for models (played when a character throws up the weapon).


  • We started to integrate new weapons into the game, they are the KAC PWD and the TX-15 SBR. The models and their specs are not fully tuned yet.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an in-game vulnerability that allowed players to see through smoke screens.
  • Fixed some reasons for spontaneous game client crashes.

Known Bugs

  • Localization errors: missing texts, incorrect names.

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