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[UPD] Play "Sea Battle" on Twitch and get rewards!

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Warface International merged its servers and united players from all over the world in July. Now it's time for the CIS version of the game to undergo the same procedure. The merger will start at 21:01 UTC (23:01 CEST) on the 24th of August and will last for quite a while. During this period, we will launch a special event "Sea Battle" on our Twitch channel where you can get pleasant rewards.

UPD: The "Sea Battle" event is over, the pin codes are no longer active

Fight against the AI, earn PIN-codes, and, once the maintenance is over, redeem them on a special page to get nice prizes including weapons and equipment of the "Hidden War" series.

Play Sea Battle Redeem Code


Q: Where can I activate the PIN-code, which I will receive in "Sea Battle"?
A: You can redeem the PIN-code on a special page, once the maintenance is over.
Q: Where can I play "Sea Battle"?
A: The game will be available on our Twitch channel.
Q: Is the International game version being merged with the RU one?
A: No, only the servers of the RU version are being merged.
See you in battle!

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