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Warface FAQ #31

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Warface FAQ #31 is here - it's time to get the answers to the most burning questions. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • When there will be new in-game contracts?
There will be new contracts for sure, however we cannot give you an exact date of when they arrive. The developers are currently fixing an issue with sending contract rewards to a wrong character (in case you have more than 1 character on the account).
Second thing is that contracts cause an internal issue which also has to be fixed before introducing brand-new shiny contracts, so right now it’s something the team is working on. We appreciate your patience and hope that we won’t make you wait long. 
  • Are there any news on the merger of Warface International and Warface CIS?
We know how excited you are about having a big international server after the CIS servers finally got merged. Currently, the team is considering all pros and cons of the merger and looking for a solution for the problems it might cause. As soon as we decide what’s next, we’ll let you know.
  • Can you add a TOP GUN with crafting cards as a reward?
We don’t plan to mix this event and crafting system, besides we’ve already started the preparations and chosen the guns.
  • Can you add a back button in the contract menu?
ESC is a default back button in Warface UI.
  • Can you please replace PvE RPG (SA-16) with SPEC OPS RPG (RLGS-1000)?
We appreciate your suggestion, it will be forwarded.
  • Do you plan to do something with the intentional team kills in quick play PvE?
We are aware of this problem, and it has been forwarded to the developers. They will analyze the situation and all possible solutions.

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