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[UPD] Discontinuing support for DirectX 9

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Since the last year, the Warface team has been carrying out a smooth transition to DirectX 11. We will soon discontinue our support for DirectX 9. Read on to learn more about the upcoming changes.

UPD: Disabling DirectX 9 will be postponed to carry out additional tests to ensure the stability of the system. For now, you'll be able to switch between the two versions. We'll keep you up to speed on any changes.

Discontinuing support for DirectX 9

After the next update, the game client will no longer support DirectX 9 that is now used by a small percentage of players (about 0.22%). This transition will allow us to fully employ the capabilities of modern GPUs to improve quality and performance, as well as eliminate a number of issues with DirectX 9. At the same time, the development resources will be used more efficiently meaning that there will be more cool content.

How do I know which version of DirectX I have?

Click on "Start" with the RMB, select the "Run" tool and enter dxdiag in the field that will appear. After a few seconds, there will pop up a window where you can find the supported version of DirectX.

DirectX 11 Executable Library System Requirements
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista with Platform Update or higher;
  • video cards ATI Radeon HD2000 or higher or Nvidia GeForce 8100 or higher;
  • the processor graphics core GMA X3100 or higher.

The Warface minimum system requirements are higher than the requirements of the DirectX 11 executable libraries. If your computer meets them, then you should not worry. You can check out the game system requirements here.

Stay tuned for further changes. See you in the game!

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