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Battle Pass "Origins": Rewards and Mechanics

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A new seasonal update "Origins" is coming. It will feature a redesigned in-game Battle Pass system, and we invite you to take a closer look at it.

Why are there changes?

The familiar Battle Pass system is outdated and needed to be reworked.

The Battle Pass is a popular mechanic that combines heaps of meta-elements that you encounter daily and that bring you fun in the game. Simply put, they get you the pleasure of playing every day: for example, wins in matches, fulfilling contracts, achieving leagues, earning achievements, and so on.

The current system existed in isolation from meta-mechanics. In addition, mechanics were often introduced separately and only occasionally got united (for example, in a themed update). We want to combine the usual meta-mechanics, which might feel routine, for you to enjoy your time in the game. 

What will be added?

  • Completely reworked game interface. It's simple - а picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Special shop. The currency of this shop is tokens. They will be valid for one season and will expire after the end of the Battle Pass if you do not use them. The primary way to earn tokens is to participate in the Battle Pass. Upon reaching the maximum level, you are guaranteed to receive the required number of tokens to unlock at least one weapon model. If you play more and move on to prestige levels, you will earn additional tokens meaning that you can open even more items. 
  • Contracts. At the start of the Battle Pass, absolutely all players will receive two types of contracts - daily contracts with a box (by opening which, you can get a permanent or a temporary weapon) and a special contract with simple tasks, by completing which you can unlock new "Apostate" equipment for all classes (except for the SED). In addition, upon reaching level 30 of the Battle Pass, paid access owners will receive contracts with powerful class-specific weapons as a reward. 
  • Series box. Those who wish to get weapons of the new series as early as possible will be able to do so via a themed box that will appear in the in-game store. As we mentioned above, this box will be available in a special daily contract. 

What will change?

  • Number of levels. The maximum Battle Pass level is now 50. After reaching it, you can go to prestige levels. By getting to this endless series of additional levels, you will receive a small but valuable reward: special tokens needed to unlock new guns or equipment.
  • Gaming time. We have reduced the number of levels, but the total gaming time required to achieve maximum BP progress has not decreased. On the contrary, it may take a little longer for you to make full progress. In return for your efforts, you will receive valuable and unique rewards (for example, powerful arms), most of which are permanent. The number of temporary prizes has been significantly reduced, and there are no temporary versions of guns at all. 
  • Level progression. Now you can get experience for level progression for literally everything - play in modes that are comfortable for you (except for custom rooms) to gain experience and unlock new levels. The amount of XP will depend on the mode difficulty. As before, to prevent farming, you will need to fulfil certain conditions, for example, correctly end a match or eliminate at least a certain number of enemies. We will share the final details later.
  • Tasks. We have removed the weekly mission system. Now you will only have daily tasks at your disposal - one per day. You can postpone the task for the next day to accumulate up to three active quests that will not expire until you complete them or skip them for the in-game currency. After finishing a task, you will gain experience to unlock new levels of the Battle Pass, and the next day a new quest will become available. 
  • Unique rewards. The total number of rewards has changed compared to the previous BP versions meaning that now you will receive only the most valuable prizes without being distracted by temporary rewards. And if this is not enough, you can accumulate tokens and spend them on cool weapons in a special Battle Pass shop.

What will remain the same?

  • Two types of Battle Pass access. As before, there are two types of access to the Battle Pass - the free and the premium ones. The free version allows you to accumulate progress and get some of the rewards. However, you will need full access to get the main content (including special contracts). In addition, all players with any access type will be able to receive equipment via a special contract available from the start.
  • Season-based nature. The Battle Pass will be part of a major seasonal update, including other events and changes. The theme for the next season is "Origins". We will focus on the military style: we hope it will remind you why we all once fell in love with Warface.
We can already show you a couple of screenshots with the new interface of the future Battle Pass. Please note: the images are work in progress. The design, settings and other game elements that are demonstrated can be subject to change.

How do you like the reworked Battle Pass system? Feel free to share your thoughts on our social media!

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