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Seasonal Update "Hidden War" (Part 3)

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We are glad to present you a new content update - the final part of the big season "Hidden War." We have already begun to prepare interesting novelties that await you. Still, for now, we suggest you get acquainted with new guns, weapon series, an agent, and themed content related to him. Please note that the new content is not available in the game now; we will inform you later about the ways of its distribution. Moreover, we have fixed some of the reasons for an incorrect end of battles.

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New Content: available soon 


The KAC PDW is an assault rifle that combines compactness and impressive power. The weapon boasts excellent damage, range, and rate of fire. The model comes equipped with three unique attachments: a flash guard, a silencer, and a reflex sight. The gun comes in two versions: the golden model offers an increased rate of fire, takes more ammunition, and features a more spacious magazine.


The TX-15 SBR is a functional submachine gun developed on the AR-15 platform using modern polymer materials. The arm has a shortened carbine barrel. In the game, the TX-15 SBR owes its top performance to an impressive range and rate of fire offset by its recoil and aiming speed which are more modest compared to some class-specific models.

The weapon comes in two versions (the regular and the golden ones) and offers three unique attachments: a silencer, a reflex sight, and a special handle. The latter stands out due to a higher rate of fire, a more spacious magazine, and increased ammunition.

"Hammer Squad" Set

A new agent is almost here! Very soon, the character of the Hammer squad will tell us his story. In the meantime, here is a themed set of items: a character skin, a series of weapons and camouflages "Iceberg," weapon charms and achievements. The pack also includes a series version of the Tavor CTAR-21 Special.

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The Tavor CTAR-21 Special is a compact submachine gun designed for special forces units. It boasts high accuracy, devastating damage, and a good effective range. The weapon has a manageable recoil and unique attachments that increase shooting efficiency.

The set includes
  • Hammer Squad Skin
  • Tavor CTAR-21 Special "Iceberg"
  • АK-15 Custom "Iceberg"
  • TEC-9 "Iceberg"
  • Karambit "Iceberg"
  • Red Cross Charm
  • Medic Bag Charm
  • Sledgehammer Charm
  • Themed achievements
  • Future contracts

"Scratch" Series

The new weapon series features striking colour patterns on the frames. Daring looks, wild power in every pixel, and admiring looks of opponents await those who manage to replenish their arsenals with the novelty! The series includes the Scratch Chiappa Triple Threat and the Scratch DVL-10 M2.

  • In addition, a new version of the bat, Anesthetic Bat, and a themed Decontamination Charm have been added to the game.

We will tell you more about the ways of distributing the new content in the future. Stay tuned!

New Contracts

The system of contracts has been replenished with new orders. Don't miss class-specific ones: you will prove to everyone a real pro and get good rewards by completing them. The prizes include helpful items and consumables as well as permanent weapons of the "Impulse" series for fully completing an order.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some causes of the issue "Receiving a reward ... Press Esc to skip." The number of gaming sessions that ended with no results and awards should diminish significantly. 
  • Upd: Disabling DirectX 9 (details) will be postponed to carry out additional tests to ensure the stability of the system. For now, you'll be able to switch between the two versions. We'll keep you up to speed on any changes.

Weapons and Gear

  • Fixed a bug due to which some new golden weapons might not count towards the task progress of the Battle Pass "Hidden War".
  • MSBS Radon "Scar": fixed a bug due to which the scales with the weapon specs were displayed incorrectly.
  • MSBS Radon: fixed a bug due to which some weapon versions of the model were named Custom.


  • Updated game texts and descriptions, fixed some localization bugs.

Good luck in combat!

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