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Soon in game: modifications

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We have already told you about the brand-new mechanics that will appear in one of the next updates and answered F.A.Q. about modifications. This publication will provide even more details on the novelty for weapons from the Vendor system. 

If you do not know what a mod system is or feel like brushing up on the matter, you are welcome to watch the video below. In the video, you can learn more about the key features of the mechanics.

What are mods?

Modifications are new progression mechanics in Warface. They allow changing the specs of any primary or secondary Vendor weapon applying special bonuses - mods. In the future, the range of available items of this kind may be expanded.

Simply speaking, mods can improve the specifications of weapons, but the greater the boost, the more likely it will be set off by an additional negative effect, which mitigates the positive bonus. We want to ensure that the influence of mods will not be too strong and will not imbalance the game. Therefore, we will closely monitor the situation and your feedback, changing the characteristics of modifications if necessary.

How do I unlock mods?

It's simple: just select the weapon you want to boost in the Inventory and play with it. The more you play, the more mastery you accumulate. The higher the mastery level, the more mods will become available and the higher their quality will be.

At the end of each match, you will get a certain amount of mastery points. The currency for generating mods can be obtained in several ways, for example, by increasing the mastery level of an item or as a reward for completing special contracts that will be available for the in-game currency in the future.

What mods are there?

You can see the complete list of modifications in the dedicated game menu. To go to it, open your Inventory, select a permanent arm and click on the corresponding button to the right that will take you to the modifications interface.

  • Each weapon type has its own set of mods. So the shotgun mods will be different from those of assault rifles.
  • Each type of mod has several levels of rarity, ranging from common to legendary. In total, there are five levels. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to get it.
  • With an increase in rarity, the mod becomes more effective, but, at the same time, the influence of the balancing negative effect grows. For example, the mod allows taking more ammunition. The greater the effect, the slower the character will move since the weight of the fighter's equipment increases due to the greater number of cartridges he carries, like in real life.
  • There are mods (including especially rare ones) that do not have negative effects.
  • You can instal up to three mods on each primary or secondary weapon model. Modification slots will open gradually as you unlock new mastery levels.
More details
  • You cannot install mods with the same effect or mods of the same type but with different rarity in two different slots (for example, epic and legendary damage mods). If a mod is equipped, it will no longer appear in other generation slots.
  • The mastery level of weapons can be increased using both temporary versions and permanent ones. However, modifications can be mounted only on permanent weapon versions.
  • When using a series weapon, the mastery level is accumulated for all available versions of the gun. Please note that the post-match statistics screen will show progress for only one arm, although it is being boosted for all weapon versions.
  • The mod system is only available for primary and secondary Vendor weapons. The list may be expanded in the future.
  • Activated mods cannot be moved from one item to another, only generated from scratch.
  • Some mods affect specs that are not displayed in the interface. However, there is an effect that can be felt in battle.
  • Mods work only for those weapons that are in the character's hands in battle. That is, the secondary weapon mods will start working when the player switches to the secondary arm.
  • Some mods are only available for a certain type of weapon (for example, a shotgun-only mod).

Stay tuned!

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