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Halloween Update out now

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A Halloween update has been installed on the game servers. It includes: novelties for the upcoming celebration of the spookiest holiday of the year, a set for a new agent, a brand new modification system, tweaks to the experience received per match in the Battle Pass as well as some bug fixes.

New Content

Halloween content

"Freddie" and "Pumpkin Leech" equipment

We know how much you love thematic equipment sets and how often you make cool screenshots with them on. Don’t deny the desire to boast a bone chilling look and this year, we have two new sets that will allow you to turn into two horror characters at your disposal.

Please note: the equipment is prohibited in Ranked Matches since the helmets do not have class distinctions. We believe that it can negatively affect the readability of the opponents in battle. If you think that these concerns are unnecessary and the armor should get into the list of allowed items, be sure to share your opinion in any of the discussions linked below.

Click on the images to enlarge them and check out the details.

You can get the new equipment in special festive contracts. They are already available in the game in the "Contracts" section (one contract can be unlocked for WF$ while the other - for Kredits). In addition, the items are available in the game store.

Weapon series and camouflages

To mark the upcoming holiday, the collection of Halloween weapons will be replenished with five new models. Each of them has its own unique appearance with horror related elements. You can expect to see bones, skulls, bloody patterns, neon radiation, ominous symbols, and web on the frames of the guns — everything that reminds you of horror movies about ghosts, undead skeletons, and zombies.

You can get the new camouflages in special festive contracts. They are already available in the game in the "Contracts" section and can be unlocked for WF$. In addition, the items are available in the game store.

Festive charms and achievements

Especially for the holiday, we have prepared 4 thematic charms for you, as well as a complete coat of arms in the style of the event — a mark, a badge, and a stripe.

You can get the new charms in special festive contracts or in the game store. Some items will be among the log-in streak gifts that will start tomorrow.


Thematic contracts await you! And not only can they increase your skill in the game or demonstrate your experience, but you will also get pleasant festive rewards for their completion.

  • 2 festive "Halloween" contracts. After completing them, you will receive thematic items, including the contents of this update, weapons from the Halloween weapon series, mini-pumpkins, and charms. The contracts can be unlocked with WF$.
  • 4 "Pharaoh" contracts. After completing them, you will receive temporary and permanent weapons from the "Pharaoh" series, as well as useful consumables. The contracts can be unlocked with Crowns.
  • 4 "Hidden War" contracts. After completing them, you can get permanent class-specific equipment, as well as get useful consumables. The contracts can be unlocked with Crowns.


  • The special maps "Halloween Wars" and "Cemetery" are back in rotation.
  • The login streak rewards will be updated with festive gifts tomorrow.
  • Starting from 09:00 UTC on October 28th and until 09:00 UTC on November 10th, there will be increased server rates (150% in total) to mark the celebration. 
  • The lobby and the shooting range have an updated thematic appearance.

Modification System

Modifications are a new progression mechanic in Warface. They allow changing the specs of any primary or secondary Vendor weapon applying special bonuses - mods.

  • The current version of the system is the first phase that will allow you to see how the mod system works in battle in general.
  • We will not add modifications to current weapon models, with the exception of the vendor branches.
  • For the mods, we will design new weapon models. They will initially be balanced for the mods. Such guns will come out rarely: they will require more careful testing and discussion. The first model like that will be the Makarov Pistol, it will appear in one of the future updates.
  • The new guns and modifications for them can be earned both through playing the game and for the in-game currency. It significantly expands the possibility to receive new combat devices. You can use a booster to upgrade weapons. They can be earned for free in contracts or acquired with Kredits in the future.


You can find more information about the modification system, plans for the future, and answers to frequently asked questions in a dedicated publication.

"Red Dusk" set

An agent with a new story will appear in the game very soon. And in the meantime, we welcome you to get acquainted with the contents of the set, that will be dedicated to her. The set includes: the "Red Dusk" series, 3 thematic charms, the Agent "Spark" Rifleman suit, as well as a set of special achievements and contracts in the future.

Click on the images to enlarge them and check out the details.

The "Red Dusk" series and the Agent "Spark" Rifleman suit are already available in thematic boxes in the game store.

Content Changes

Battle Pass

  • We have revised the way you gain experience when completing matches in different modes. Previously, the player received disproportionate rewards that didn’t match up to the time spent in special operations and PvP modes.
  • "Black Shark" and "Mars" ("Easy", "Normal", and "Hard" difficulties): increased the amount of Battle Pass experience received (from 80/120/200 to 100/150/250).
  • "Blackwood": decreased the amount of Battle Pass experience (from 120 to 60). This change is necessary to balance out the amount of experience gained with the time, which a player spends on participation in other missions or modes. We'd like to remind you that the average time of completing the mission is about 12–15 minutes, while for doing a similarly timed match, the player received way less experience — this created a significant advantage for the special operation and diminished the success of other players in other modes.
  • A purchase confirmation window has been added in the Battle Pass shop.
  • You can now scroll vertically in the Battle Pass shop.


  • Hidden War Rhino 60 DS Special: added a new 2x zoom sight attachment.
  • M4A1 Custom, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima: added a guaranteed possibility to get the golden versions of the guns after opening 1000 boxes.
  • Added achievements for the "Viridian" series.
  • The game’s localization has been updated.

Fixed bugs


  • Fixed a bug due to which the weapon’s reload animation lasted longer than it took the model to reload.
  • Fixed the reasons for the "Failed Creating The Diret3D Device" errors when you started the game.
  • Fixed a game vulnerability that allowed players to reconnect to the match through non-standard methods.
  • Fixed some reasons that caused freezes when players connected to the room.
  • Fixed some reasons for spontaneous crashes of the game client.

Weapons and equipment

  • M4A1 Custom, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, PP-19-01 Vityaz, Grand Power SR9A2, VKS: fixed a bug due to which in some cases the player was missing attachments that are installed on these versions of the guns.
  • Santa Muerte Ruger Mark IV Lite: fixed a bug due to which the model didn’t have a "Leupold Deltapoint Mk5 Reflex Sight" attachment.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the speed of reloading animation did not coincide with the speed of the magazine replenishment if there were bonuses increasing the reloading speed (for weapons without the possibility to reload one cartridge at a time).


  • "Blackwood Base": fixed a vulnerability that allowed players in the first location to use an unintended advantage using the map textures.


  • Fixed a bug due to which, when searching for a PvE room, the PvP mode was specified in the search status.
  • A number of minor fixes were made to the Battle Pass interface. Now there are fewer inaccuracies and the pictures load faster.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Back" button on the Battle Pass screen did not work.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the modification window could display the negative value of the required experience.

Known Bugs

  • Modifications system contracts tasks indicating the "Plant the Bomb" or "Blitz" modes do not count in Ranked Matches. To do the tasks, you must complete matches in "Quick Play".

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