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In-game event "Prison Break" - already live!

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A new system of in-game events has appeared in the game with the latest update. It is launched for a limited period of time, is related to specific occasions, and contains unique rewards. The first such event has gone live and, in this publication, we are sharing the details with you.

About the Event

"Prison Break" is a new themed event with PvP and PvE mechanics available for all players regardless of their favourite modes. To become an event participant or view information about it, you will need to go to a special section in the game lobby interface. The new tab is located in the navigation panel at the top, next to the "Inventory" button, and is duplicated by a special banner button in the lower right corner.


In "Prison Break", the player can choose between the PvE and the PvP modes. It’s up to the user to decide which of them is more interesting to him/her. Read on to learn more about each of them.

​PvE Mode

The PvE mode branch is a mission with an increasing level of difficulty where you have to fight off and protect a special capsule with prisoners, gradually eliminating waves of different AI enemies within the same location. The number of stages is limited to 5. You can fight the enemy as long as you want or until your capsule is destroyed.

You will face familiar AI enemies: riflemen, shieldbearers, demomen, and so on. During the battle, you can use various interactive elements such as explosive barrels with fuel that will help you deal with the opponents. In addition, you will have to take care of enemy turrets, machine-gun points, mines, and poisonous gas attacks.

If you are engaged in a long battle, you can use special boxes with resources, restore ammunition at checkpoints, equip a blaster or install a stationary turret.

And what about rewards? It's simple! The more stages you complete, the more special currency you will receive. If the long fight tires you, you can change the mode or start the mission with friends after a break.

​PvP Mode

By choosing this branch of the mission, the player will fight opponents on the redesigned maps "Hangar", "Dock" and "Airbase." Having chosen the mode, you can join the match search on the themed maps alone or invite your friends to combat. Please note that to take part in the event, you must search for matches via the event interface - this way you will get into a separate queue. If you start the search in the standard way (in "Quick Play"), you will not get the reward!

Battles will be held according to the standard Team Deathmatch rules where the first team to score 150 points or more than the opposing team wins.

Upon completing a match, the player will receive special currency needed to claim rewards in the event. The amount of currency depends on the match outcome (a victory, a defeat or a draw), as well as on the time spent in battle. For example, if you join an ongoing battle, the amount of currency will decrease and will depend on your total time in the match.

Once the match is over, you will get into the Lobby, where you will need to return to the event page, choose one of the two modes and start the battle. You can spend the reward on the event page.

Currency and Crates

By completing matches in the framework of the event, you will receive a certain amount of currency. As we have indicated, the amount will depend on your results. In addition, you can earn the currency via special contracts or purchase it in the store.

You can spend the accumulated currency and purchase crates. There are three types of them - standard, big and special lootcrates. Rewards obtained from the crates are random and their value depends on the type of the crate. Some prizes can be received only once, while others are repeatable. Each opened crate will give you a certain amount of progress towards obtaining the AKS-74U. By filling the progress scale to 100%, you will receive the permanent version of the weapon.


The main rewards of the "Prison Break" event are the Engineer weapon AKS-74U, the sniper rifle AT308 Custom, and a unique Sniper skin.

Moreover, in the "Prison Break" event, you can get items from a new weapon series and camos, charms, unique achievements and cards for crafting.

More about rewards

The "Prison Break" event is live. Hurry up to take part - the time is running out - and get cool rewards! 

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