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Looking to refresh your weapon arsenal? Lucky for you, today we have just the offer! Just purchase items from the game store you will be able to open a unique crate with stylish weapons from the "Heat" series!

Offer page

Gift marathon

The offer is already live and will be active till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 25th of November. Participating is easy: purchase any products with Kredits in the game store, reach a certain amount, and the gifts are yours! And once you spend 4,000 Kredits or more, you will be able to open a unique crate on a special page, and receive a permanent gun from the "Heat" series from the list below.

250–499 K
Heat Ruger Mk IV Lite
(for 5 days)

500–749 K
Box with Ruger Mk IV Lite
(5 pcs.)

750–999 K
Heat Marlin 1894 Custom
(for 5 days)

1000–1249 K
Box with Marlin 1894 Custom
(5 pcs.)

1250–1499 K
Heat Howa Type 89 Custom
(for 5 days)

1500–1749 K
Box with Howa Type 89 Custom
(5 pcs.)

1750–1999 K
Heat SV-98
(for 5 days)

2000–2249 K
Box with SV-98
(5 pcs.)

2250–2499 K
Heat AMB-17
(for 5 days)

2500–3999 K
Box with AMB-17
(5 pcs.)


The contents of the crate for spending 4,000 Kredits or more:


Heat Howa Type 89 Custom

Heat Benelli M4 Custom

Heat AMB-17

Heat VKS

Heat Ruger Mark IV Lite

Heat AN-94 Abakan

Heat Hunt Group MH12

Heat PP-19-01 Vityaz

Heat SV-98

Heat S&W M&P R8

Heat H&K MG5 121

Heat Marlin 1894 Custom

Heat ACR CQB Custom

Heat M14 Crazy Horse

Heat Karambit

Please note

  • The reward from the crate is determined randomly.
  • You will not be able to sell the rewards from this offer on the Marketplace.
  • All gifts can be received only once.
  • After opening the crate, your random gift will be available for transfer in the "Inventory" section of the website.

Q: Does exchanging extra cards for free ones for Kredits in the exchange center count?
A: No.

Q: Do the Kredits spent on the Marketplace or in other services count?
A: No, only the ones spent in the game store.

Q: Does the purchase of the Battle Pass access and its levels or purchases in the seasonal store, as well as skipping contracts for Kredits count in the offer? 
A: No.

Q: If I want to receive the gift, do I need to make one single payment for 3,000 Kredits?
A: Not necessarily. All expenses add up, so they can be distributed at your discretion.

Q: What gifts are there in the crates?
A: You can check the full list of gifts on a special page. The chances of getting any item are the same.

Q: How many times can I receive each gift?
A: The gifts for fixed amounts are issued only once.

Q: Can I sell the reward items on the Matketplace?
A: Unfortunately, no, you cannot.

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