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"Prison Break" Update is live!

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A content update has been installed on the game server. This version of the client features a new event "Prison Break" with cool rewards - the AT308 Custom and the AKS-74U, the Agent "Coyote" pack, themed weapon series, new charms and achievements. In addition, we have tweaked the specs of some weapons, equipment and mods, as well as fixed bugs.

New Content

Event "Prison Break"

"Prison Break" is a new themed event with PvP and PvE mechanics available for all players regardless of their favourite modes. To become an event participant or view information about it, you will need to go to a special section in the game lobby interface. The new tab is located in the navigation panel at the top, next to the "Inventory" button, and is duplicated by a special banner button in the lower right corner.

The main rewards of the "Prison Break" event are the AKS-74U (an Engineer weapon), the AT308 Custom Sniper rifle, and a unique character skin for the Sniper - Agent Coyote.

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The AKS-74U was added to the game before. This is a shortened version of the AKS-74 assault rifle manufactured by the Kalashnikov concern. The key in-game advantages of the new gun are high basic and minimum damage indicators. The arm favourably compares to its counterparts in terms of increased effective range and head damage multiplier, which allows its owner to kill opponents with a headshot at medium range. In addition, the weapon supports the installation of mods. With their help, you can improve the basic version of the model to adapt it to your gameplay style.

This is the main reward of the "Prison Break" event. The permanent model can be obtained by earning 1000 reputation points (accumulated by opening event crates).

AT308 Custom

It is an updated version of the weapon you are well familiar with. The novelty has a changed appearance, and in terms of characteristics it will easily compete with the popular CheyTac M200 Special and Steyr Scout Special thanks to its high damage, increased multipliers and a good rate of fire. In addition, the rifle has a unique reflex sight with increased aiming speed, which will make shooting more comfortable at any distance.

The golden version takes more ammo and sports a larger magazine.

The regular version of the Sniper rifle is already available in the big crate of the "Prison Break" event. We will tell you more about the ways of obtaining the golden version later.

Agent "Coyote" Pack

The pack is dedicated to the new agent. The set includes: Agent "Coyote" suit for the Sniper, the "Rust" weapon series, as well as charms, unique achievements and a special contract in the future.

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About the Agent

Jane Lawrence has loved shooting cans in the backyard of her home ever since she was a child - her accuracy was envied by all the neighbouring kids. This accuracy changed the next chapter in the life of the "Jackals". Being a teenager with a hot temper, the girl tried to prove her coolness to an older shady company. The task seemed simple - intimidate the campy neighbour. At worst, she would just get in trouble for hooliganism. But things didn’t go according to the plan - her hand was trembling. The ex "friends" were the first to flee the scene, and frightened Jane hesitated and quickly found herself behind bars.

She stopped trusting people, stopped making friends, and always kept to herself, but aptly and scathingly, and for that, she received the nickname "Coyote". In prison, Jane didn’t lose her skills - she effortlessly hit the bullseye on any target for bets, irritating the guards with pebbles or paper spitballs. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed, and soon after getting out of prison, Jane Lawrence got into her first gang. Year after year, she honed her marksmanship, taking up the riskiest orders with fervor.

The fame of the "Coyote" reached its peak when the girl eliminated a target in a high-speed train rushing at a speed of 400 km/h, from a distance of one and a half kilometers. Finally, Jane began to play the game by her own rules - so she quickly established her own gang the "Jackals" and with her inherent effortlessness, she raided a couple of government warehouses with weapons and ammunition. Now Jane Lawrence and her gang hold several cities in the southern state in fear. But sometimes, for the sake of their own interest and for a couple of millions, they deal with "personal issues" of influential persons.

The skin of the new agent can be obtained in the big crate of the "Prison Break" event.

"Rust" Series 

This new weapon series will appeal to the fans of simple camos thanks to its strict design set in dark tones. The series includes the FN P90 Custom submachine gun, the CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot pistol and the S&W Survival Tanto knife.

The weapons of the "Rust" series are already available in the big crate of the "Prison Break" event.

"Prison Break" Achievements and Charms

Added unique achievements and weapon charms for the new event. Collect them all to pin a cool coat of arms on your profile or decorate your gun with a lucky charm!

The themed charms and achievements are available in the regular crate of the "Prison Break" event.
Other Novelties

Mauser Kar98k

The new bolt-action sniper rifle sports excellent damage indicators and a high aiming speed. The weapon comes equipped with three unique attachments: a silencer, a bipod and a sight.

The load-one-round-and-resume-fire system makes the Mauser Kar98k absolutely lethal. Moreover, the rifle can be upgraded via mods to adapt the weapon to your individual gameplay style. For example, one of the unique upgrades will increase strafe, and the other - the speed of weapon change.

You can get the Mauser Kar98k via a special contract or in the in-game store. We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the golden version later.

"Sales Rep" Series

The new set is dedicated to Black Friday. It contains a weapon series including the pistols Walther P99 and Micro Desert Eagle, the Gerber tomahawk, and camouflages for the specified weapons.

And do not forget about the coat of arms! The "Sales Rep" set includes colourful achievements that you can use to decorate your profile. We will inform you about the ways of obtaining them a little later.


  • Added a contract, after completing which the player can receive a box with the Mauser Kar98k. Details of the contract launch will be announced in the future.

Content Changes

Weapon Tweaks

In the previous version of the game, the specs of some new items were not final. The new guns were too powerful and their unique mods had a significant impact on performance. In this update, some characteristics of weapons and mods have been reworked.

Makarov Pistol

  • Disabled the possibility to install a Vendor system silencer.
  • Reduced perks and negative effects of unique pistol mods:
    • "Golden Bullets" Mod:
      • increases damage by 30 (instead of 65);
      • reduces the rate of fire by 55% (instead of 90%).
    • "Blockbuster" Mod:
      • increases the rate of fire by 25% (instead of 40%).
      • increases magazine capacity by 4 (instead of 11).

Weapons with mods (all versions)

  • Reduced the bonus that increases the strafe speed. Now, the increase in speed is 1/2/3/4/5%, depending on the rarity of the mod (instead of 2/3/5/7/10%).


  • "Spectre" Vests: disabled the possibility to install mods increasing the claymore activation delay.


  • The Halloween Safe House and the festive in-game lobby have been replaced with their seasonal versions.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug causing the game client to freeze for a short time after receiving an item from the notification box.
  • Fixed a bug due to which game sessions in "Plant the Bomb" or "Blitz" in Ranked Matches did not count towards the progress of contract tasks and the daily Battle Pass missions.


  • "Heist": fixed a bug due to which the texture of Oberon's face was not displayed in the mission.
  • "Sunrise": fixed some causes of short-term freezes during mission completion.
  • "Swarm": fixed a bug due to which the shot of the Sniper Beetle dealt damage before it hit the player. 

Weapons and gear

  • "Freddie Gloves": fixed a bug due to which, upon equipping the item, the character in some cases could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to install mods and upgrade mastery on weapon models that were not intended for the modification system (other than Vendor weapons).


  • Updated localization: added new texts, updated old ones, and fixed some errors in game descriptions.
  • Contracts: fixed a bug due to which in some cases the contract timer was displayed incorrectly.

Known Issues

  • In some contracts of the "Prison Break" event, the conditions description and the progress counter may not coincide. When completing tasks, please be guided by the values of the contract counter.
  • The event currency counter is not updated when the player receives currency from the big "Prison Break" crate. For the counter to get updated, you need to restart the game or play a match.
  • The terms of contracts have not been changed due to an error that arose after the simplification of their conditions: the stages of the contracts did not finish on their own when the progress was excessive (for example, 10/5). We plan to fix this and apply changes later, that's why we have prolonged the contracts (and you will be able to complete them later with new terms). Now, when doing them, please be guided by the values indicated in the contract counter, not in the description, since the localization has been updated separately.

See you in game!

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