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Winter Fiesta Event - already in game!

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Winter holidays are around the corner meaning that it's time for festive events! In this publication, we are sharing the details of the event "Winter Fiesta" that is already available in the game. 

About the event

"Winter Fiesta" is a large-scale festive event where you can take part and receive a themed skin, weapons and much more! The event is integrated into the game, so all tasks can be tracked and completed without being distracted from the game. The concept of the event is similar to the recently finished "Prison Break" with minor changes. To participate or view information about the event, you need to go to a special section in the lobby interface. The navigation panel is located at the top, next to the "Home" button, and is also duplicated by a special banner button in the lower right corner of the main screen.

What's changed?

"Winter Fiesta" retains the basic mechanics of "Prison Break" you are already familiar with. In the framework of the event, you receive event currency for battles, spend it on crates in the event shop, and earn prizes. The event modes and maps have also changed; thus, in the winter season, you can fight only in PvP on themed updated maps. In addition, unlike "Prison Break", the new event yields three main rewards: the Crystal Karambit, the Crystal Grand Power SR9A2 and the OTs-14 Groza. You will be getting them one after another, and their value will increase as you accumulate reputation points. To sum up, you will be able to get even more cool weapons and it will be more interesting to progress in the event.

On what maps should we fight?

The battles take place on themed maps. We have added Xmas Hangar, Xmas Oil Depot and Krampus Town. The standard conditions of a team deathmatch are on. The winner is the first team to score 150 points or the one with more points than the opponents by the end of the match. 

Krampus Town

We've reworked the familiar map to make landscapes more festive and cheerful. Snow, fairy lights, gifts, fireworks - now, the spirit of Christmas has become even stronger on the map. Hurry up to be the first to get the vibe of the upcoming holidays! But be on the lookout, hiding behind the Christmas tree, someone might want to spoil Christmas ...

Xmas Hangar

This is the winter version of one of the most popular maps in the game. Create a festive mood with a firecracker gunfight or a candyknife battle! The Hangar is a great place to enjoy the usual dynamic gameplay and to be a little wicked.

Xmas Oil Depot

This is a festive version of the favourite "Oil Depot" map with winter decorations. The holiday spirit permeates the map - the snow is glistening, boxes with gifts are scattered across the map, fairy lights are sparkling, a Christmas tree is blinking with its lights and solemn snowmen stand still as if guarding the scene.

Rewards of the Event 

Main Rewards 

The event mechanics are similar to those of the previous event. To receive the main reward, you will need to accumulate reputation points. In addition, there are three main prizes in Winter Fiesta - the Crystal Karambit, the Crystal Grand Power SR9A2 and the OTs-14 Groza. Now, the main reward scale features three elements. By reaching the first milestone on the scale, you will receive the Crystal Karambit, followed by the Crystal Grand Power SR9A2. And by filling the scale to 100%, you will get the OTs-14 Groza.

Other Rewards 

In the "Winter Fiesta" event, you can get festive items, weapons of the "Valkyrie" series and cards for the crafting system. Hurry up to earn all the rewards!

Event Shop 

By completing matches in the framework of the event, you can get a certain amount of the event currency. The amount of currency received depends on your results. In addition, you can earn it in special contracts or purchase it in the shop.

You can spend currency on crates. There are three types of them - ordinary, big and special. The special crate cannot be purchased, but it can be obtained by opening other boxes since the progress scale of the special crate is filled when opening a big or an ordinary box. The reward is determined randomly, and its value depends on the type of the crate. Some rewards can be received once, the rest can repeat. The special crate can yield a certain amount of event reputation points.

Learn More about the Rewards

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