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Season "Snowstorm": Part II

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The second part of the "Snowstorm" update is live. Hurry up to check it out in the game! We have added the festive event "Winter Fiesta" and holiday maps for it in the new version. We have also reworked specific "Snowstorm" gear specs and fixed some bugs. The seasonal promo page has got updated. Complete special tasks and get gifts!

Update: Part I

New Content

In-game event "Winter Fiesta"

"Winter Fiesta" is a large-scale festive in-game event that is similar to the recently finished "Prison Break" with minor changes. It has familiar mechanics and minor gameplay changes.

  • Now PvP only. In the winter season, you will fight only in PvP on themed maps which got specially updated for the holidays. They are Xmas Hangar, Xmas Oil Depot and Krampus Town. Below, we will tell you in more detail about the changes in the familiar locations. There is no snow yet, but we managed to persuade cyborgs to decorate them for Christmas and put Christmas trees. 
  • Three main rewards instead of one. Play, open crates and accumulate progress of the primary rewards - their rarity increases as you gather the necessary points. Let the coveted weapons in the armoury contribute to the festive spirit!
  • Reworked the gain of "Black Market" points in PvP. The reward will depend more on the player's score and their place in the team. The more effective the player is, and the higher their position in the match table, the more Black Market coins they will receive at the end of the session. Please note: on average, high performing players will receive a bit more currency than before. Those who show average results will hardly notice the changes; the points will remain the same. But the number of gained points will decrease for those who are usually not that effective.





Learn more about "Winter Fiesta" in a separate publication. In the meantime, let us recall what rewards await you in the event. They were added to the game in the first part of the season "Snowstorm".


The OTs-14 Groza is a new gun for Riflemen that you have been asking for for so long! The assault rifle offers impressive specs: high basic and minimum damage, excellent shooting accuracy, fast reloading and increased limb multipliers. The weapon comes equipped with unique attachments - a handle and a silencer that does not reduce damage. All this puts the novelty on a par with your favourite guns AK-15 Custom and M4A1 Custom.

In addition, the weapon can be improved with mods. With their help, you can customize the arm to suit your own combat needs, boosting the required specs at the expense of less significant ones.

The golden version has a larger magazine and increased ammunition as well as yields a unique stripe for eliminating opponents.

The permanent regular version of the model can be obtained as the main reward of the "Snowstorm" in-game event. We will tell you more about the ways of obtaining the golden version later.


The weapon frames are decorated with an interesting pattern that will remind you of an snowstorm - the main theme of the new season. Along with an attractive appearance, the guns will retain decent characteristics. The series includes weapons and camouflages for the Grand Power SR9A2 and the Karambit.

Temporary and permanent models of the Crystal series can be obtained in the "Snowstorm" in-game event.

Other Rewards

By participating in the new event, you can earn a set of themed weapon charms and achievements. Moreover, in the event, you can get weapons of the "Valkyrie" series, the "Valkyrie" skin, cards for crafting the "Glacier" arms as well as various themed items from the previous years. Open the event crates to get your hands on all the rewards!

Updated Festive Maps

We continue to improve the looks of the well-familiar maps. This time you can enjoy playing on redesigned Krampus Town, improved Xmas Oil Depot and last year's version of Xmas Hangar. We've tweaked their appearance, lighting, and improved textures.

We've reworked the familiar map Krampus Town to make landscapes more festive and cheerful. Snow, fairy lights, gifts, fireworks - now, the spirit of Christmas has become even stronger on the map. Hurry up to be the first to get the vibe of the upcoming holidays! But be on the lookout, hiding behind the Christmas tree, someone might want to spoil Christmas ...

  • Added stripes for the new weapon series "Crystal".
  • Added festive contracts.

Content Changes

Tweaks to certain models

"Snowstorm" Gear

Upon reviewing the first part of the update, we decided to revise some equipment characteristics by increasing the number of character movement bonuses. In the feedback, you pointed out that the gear was cool in terms of damage absorption but not mobile enough, which is especially important in dynamic PvP battles. Now the fighter equipped with the complete "Snowstorm" set has become a little faster at the expense of damage absorption specs. Despite the changes, the armour remains effective, and you should definitely try and get it in contracts for Warface Dollars. 

  • Rifleman:
    • vest: reduced armor points (from 195 to 190), decreased the reduction of incoming damage to the body (from 12% to 5%)
    • boots: increased sprint speed (from 6% to 9%)
    • bonus from 3 items of the set: decreased the reduction of incoming damage (from 18 to 17).
  • Medic:
    • vest: decreased the reduction of incoming damage to the body (from 12% to 5%)
    • boots: increased sprint speed (from 8% to 10%)
    • bonus from 3 items of the set: decreased the reduction of incoming damage (from 18 to 17).
  • Engineer:
    • vest: reduced armor points (from 180 to 175), decreased the reduction of incoming damage to the body (from 12% to 5%)
    • boots: increased sprint speed (from 8% to 10%)
    • bonus from 3 items of the set: decreased the reduction of incoming damage (from 18 to 17).
  • Sniper:
    • vest: reduced armor points (from 160 to 135), decreased the reduction of incoming damage to the body (from 10% to 5%)
    • boots: increased sprint speed (from 5% to 8%)
    • bonus from 3 items of the set: decreased the reduction of incoming damage (from 17 to 16).

MC 255 12 Custom

  • Increased damage (from 680 to 700).
  • Increased minimum damage (from 290 to 340).
  • Inreased range (from 7 to 8).
  • Reduced rate of fire (from 190 to 170).
  • Increased aiming accuracy (from 74 to 75).

Golden Mossberg 590 Custom

  • Increased rate of fire (from 140 to 142).
  • Increased magazine capacity (from 8 to 9).

Makarov pistol "Tundra"

  • Added the possibility to install mods.


  • Added the "Next Reward" tab to the "Progress" section of the main Battle Pass screen. 
  • Changed the Safe House background.
  • For one season, the following items will be allowed in the Ranked Matches: Hidden War articles, Freddie and Pumpkin Leech gear.
  • We have temporarily disabled the possibility to votekick players from Quick Play matches (PvP, PvE and Special Operations).

Increased Rates

During the celebrations, your efforts in Warface will be rewarded even more. Till 20:59 UTC on 27.12.2021, you will be able to enjoy increased rates, meaning that you will get +50% to the gained XP, VP and WF$ as well as +10% to BP XP till 20:59 UTC on 03.01.2022. Have fun, level up faster and don't forget to give your best wishes to fellow gamers in Warface!

Festive Shop Update

The shop will be updated with various types of items to satisfy any combat needs and to let you feel the spirit of Christmas on the battlefield to the full. Gear up with themed articles and dive into the fun on updated maps! The following images serve as an example.

Gingerbread Gun
Gingerbread Gun
Christmas Grenade
Christmas Grenade
Christmas Gift Box
Christmas Gift Box

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug due to which the game client froze for several seconds if the player accepted the invitation in the Inventory.
  • Fixed vulnerabilities that allowed, by using third-party software, to skip the reload animation and change the direction of fire.
  • Fixed the optimization of the resource consumption by the game client in the background if the player was in battle, and not in the menu or in the Safe House.
  • DVL-10 М2 "Highwayman": fixed visual artifacts in the first person view.

Weapons and Gear

  • Mossberg 590 Custom: fixed a bug due to which, when using a unique handle, the weapon model had incorrect animations and position in the character's hands if it had the "Valkyrie" skin equipped.
  • JS 9mm Custom: fixed a bug due to which, in the Inventory, when using a female skin, the weapon model overlapped with the character.
  • AT308 Custom: fixed a bug due to which the weapon box did not have a name - only the item tag was displayed.


  • Xmas Oil Depot: fixed a bug due to which some places on the map were too dark - they made it difficult to read and perceive characters.
  • Xmas Hangar: fixed a bug due to which the player could get stuck between game objects if he or she fell down from a container near the respawn point.

PvE and SpecOps

  • Heist: fixed a bug due to which the Heavy Gunners eliminated on the roof were not counted in the "Outgunned" achievement.


  • In-game events:
    • fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, it was impossible to close the event window by pressing the Esc button.
    • fixed a bug due to which, when opening crates, in some cases, their contents were not displayed.
  • Battle Pass: fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the notification about gaining BP experience blocked pressing the buttons.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, after creating a character, the Training mission did not open and the main menu interface was missing.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in the "Next Reward" tab in the Battle Pass "Progress" section of the main screen, the current level reward was displayed instead of the future one.
  • Fixed the Battle Pass interface reward progression images for levels 4, 14, 37 and 45.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, after starting a Private Room, the player could not return to it if he or she did not press the "Ready" button.
  • Updated localization: added some missing texts and in-game descriptions, fixed certain inconsistencies.

Known Issues

  • Some in-game titles and translations are missing.

Have a nice game!

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