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Get your NY CashBack soon!

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It's time for players who took part in the New Year Cashback offer to get their Kredits back. The main stage of the promotion has ended, now we need time to double-check the data and proceed with the delivery of the cashback. The cashback will by far exceed the sum spent: if you completed all conditions and didn't skip stages, the total cashback could reach 300%.



  • Why won't Kredits be delivered right after the offer is over?

 It is very important for us that Kredits are granted on time and without errors. Since the volume of payments is huge, we try to double-check everything so that you receive the full amount including additional bonuses, and start the new year with pleasant emotions.

  • I have received Kredits but there are less of them than I have earned according to the offer page. What should I do?

Don't worry. First, you need to make sure that the delivery process is completed (we will publish a separate news on the website). If there is no such publication, then the process continues and you need to wait. We will begin sending cashback at the end of the day on January 1 and the process will be carried out in several stages: first, we will grant Kredits for the first stage, then for the second, third, and so on (they are ten in total). Thus, we expect that you will receive the cashback no later than January 4, 2022. If you are sure that the delivery is over, you are sure about the sum you should get and you are sure that you got the wrong amount of Kredits, please contact our support.

  • I've got my Kredits back, but the items I planned to buy with them were removed from the game store. Why?

The game shop line-up is updated almost daily. The items do not have specific sales dates and can be removed from the shop at any time. They can also return at any time. Kredits received in the cashback offer do not expire, you do not have to spend them right now, you can wait until the desired items are back in stock. Or maybe you decide to spend the funds on something else - the choice is yours.

Happy holidays and have a nice game!

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