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Winter Fiesta Event Goes on!

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The winter season goes on in Warface. Are you already taking part in the event "Winter Fiesta"? If you don't, hurry up to participate. Cool rewards are waiting for you. Get them all!

About "Winter Fiesta"

"Winter Fiesta" is a large-scale festive event where you can take part and receive a themed skin, weapons and much more! Everyone can participate in the event that is integrated into the game. All tasks can be tracked and completed without being distracted from the game. Complete special contracts and receive additional event currency. Play on the themed maps, gain currency, spend it on crates in the event shop, and earn cool new items!

Especially for the event, we have updated several festive maps (Xmas Hangar, Xmas Oil Depot and Krampus Town). We have reworked certain objects on the maps and created an even more festive atmosphere! Gear up with thematic winter equipment and arms, rush into battle and have fun on the updated maps!

Rewards of the Event

Main Rewards

There are three main prizes in "Winter Fiesta" - the Crystal Karambit, the Crystal Grand Power SR9A2 and the OTs-14 Groza. The main reward scale features three elements. By reaching the first milestone on the scale, you will receive the Crystal Karambit, followed by the Crystal Grand Power SR9A2. And by filling the scale to 100%, you will get the OTs-14 Groza.

"Valkyrie" Weapons

The frames of the "Valkyrie" guns are decorated with beautiful geometric patterns in bright colours that will remind you of the winter cold.

Agent "Valkyrie"

The Valkyrie Medic Suit appeared in the game with one of the previous updates, and now you have the opportunity to get it in "Winter Fiesta"!

Festive Items

Get festive items - snowballs and Christmas Grenades. Leave Christmas Gift Boxes for your opponents in unexpected places, and revive the festive spirit with the Gingerbread Gun! Think it's sweet and harmless? You have never been so wrong! In close combat, this culinary work of art will blast your enemies into kingdom come!

Cards for Crafting

Have you been looking for ways to replenish your armoury with ice-cold weapons? In the "Winter Fiesta" event, you can get crafting cards for arms of the "Glacier" series. Top up your collection of guns and rush into battle for new victories!

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