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Game Update - 01.02.2022

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A new part of the season "Snowstorm" has landed on the game servers. In this update, we have added cool new items. Some of them are already available, while others will appear later. Moreover, it sports a new feature - the possibility of removing all unnecessary items from the Inventory by just pressing one button - and fixes to some bugs, including the error with beetles in "Swarm", which you reported most often.

Previous Version

New Content

Chinese New Year

We invite you to take part in the celebration of an amazing holiday - the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. This is a traditional holiday in China and other East Asian cultures, which lasts about seven days. During the celebration, streets get decorated with red lanterns, and people give each other red envelopes. Like Christmas, this is a family holiday usually spent with loved ones enjoying delicious dishes in the family circle.

2022 is the year of the tiger according to the lunar calendar. The new "Water Tiger" series was inspired by this mighty predator. It includes: Tactical Axe, Rhino 60 DS pistol, camouflages for them, gloves, a helmet, a weapon charm, special contracts and a set of achievements. In a word, everything necessary to immerse yourselves in the festive atmosphere.

The "Water Tiger" camos and gear can be received via a special contract dedicated to the Chinese New Year.

You can get beautiful achievements, a unique charm, Water Tiger camos and gear via a special contract dedicated to the Chinese New Year.

Contract Details

Expired Items Removal

We have added a button to remove all expired items from the Inventory. By pressing it, you will only remove items that cannot be prolonged. We hope this will help clean up the armoury and keep it up to date.


  • Added new contracts for St. Valentine's Day that will become available later.

Content Changes


  • Added three new loading screen tips. With their help, players will be able to learn how to throw grenades (main and additional) using special keys and set mines with one button.
  • Modification System: added a tooltip to the "How it works" window, indicating that it is impossible to use two identical mods on the same weapon.
  • Updated map rotation: Christmas versions are no longer available.
  • Updated localization:
    • the name of the "Training" PvE mission has been replaced with "Warm-up" in the game interface and achievements to make it easier for a new player to navigate missions;
    • fixed some bugs, added new texts for game descriptions and items.

Bug Fixes


  • Swarm: fixed a bug due to which the player could not deal damage to some beetles.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, when starting the game after an update, a window with incomprehensible text could appear. Now the error text is displayed correctly as "Failed to initialize the GameStartup interface". If the error occurs, verify the files of the installed client, this should solve the problem. Otherwise, contact our support.
  • Fixed a bug due to which short-term freezes occurred upon finding a "Quick Play" match.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the character creation interface was displayed incorrectly: it was impossible to change the character's face, the background was green, and the model of the fighter was blurry.

Weapons and Gear

  • Valkyrie Tactical Axe: fixed a bug due to which the weapon model was displayed without additional geometry textures.
  • Golden AT308 Custom, Golden Barrett MRAD Mk22: fixed a bug due to which kills made with the weapons did not count for some contracts.
  • Huntsman Mauser Kar98k: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to install mods on the weapon.
  • Cobray Striker Special (all versions): fixed a bug due to which the weapon partially fell under the ground after the player's death.
  • Ots-14 Groza: fixed a bug due to which, when using a female skin, the weapon handle intersected with the character model in the third person view in the Inventory.
  • MC 255 12 Custom: fixed a bug due to which, in the third person view, the character's pose was displayed incorrectly while holding a weapon in the lobby.


  • Deimos Demolition Achievement:
    • fixed a bug due to which the conditions for obtaining the mark were incorrect - 90,001 damage was required instead of 9,000;
    • fixed a bug due to which kills made with the Deimos Sapper shovel did not count towards the progress of the mark.
  • Deimos Eliminateer Achievement: fixed a bug due to which obtaining the badge did not count towards the progress of the "Deimos Collector" achievement.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Steam overlay opened in full-screen mode upon pressing the Shift key (by default, the overlay can be activated with a combination of Shift + Tab).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the letter icon in the notification menu was shifted and displayed in low quality.
  • Fixed a bug due to which sometimes, after activating the "Finish" button, the card with the main information for the contract stage was not updated and the timer was not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug due to which jump kills of allies counted in some contracts. 

Soon in game 

MSBS Radon Custom

It is an updated version of the MSBS Radon. The new gun has a soft recoil, a high rate of fire, increased damage multipliers to the body and the limbs, as well as excellent accuracy.

The golden version offers a higher rate of fire and a more spacious magazine.

We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the weapons later.
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 is a powerful shotgun that can compete with the novelty of the season MC 255 12 Custom. The shotgun offers an excellent combination of advantages: high damage, range and accuracy, and an increased limb damage multiplier. These perks are offset by a small 4-round magazine.

The weapon will appeal to well-aimed shooters and make it highly possible for the owner to eliminate opponents with a single shot.

The golden version features greater damage and a better rate of fire. 

We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the weapons later.
PP-19 Bizon Custom

This is a new modification of the familiar Engineers' weapon. The updated version sports reworked looks and new specs. The novelty will appeal to those who like to carry out continuous fire thanks to its good damage, an impressive rate of fire and increased damage multipliers. The main advantage of the submachine gun is a huge magazine that carries 64 rounds. The weapon will become a reliable ally in PvE missions and intense PvP battles!

We will tell you about the ways of obtaining the weapons later.
Agent Whirl Set

The set is dedicated to the new agent. It includes a character skin for Riflemen, weapons and camos of the "Englishman" series, thematic charms and achievements, as well as special contracts.

About the agent
Agent Set Contents

Click on the images to open them in full size.

Rebecca Morton was born in an immigrant family and spent all her childhood in an impoverished neighbourhood on the outskirts of London. She pickpocketed here and there, hijacked cars, but only once was caught by the police for vandalism when she spray-painted the local police station with profanities and so got into it that didn't notice the approaching "bobbies".
Her father gave up a lot of money to save her from prison. In the end, as a penalty, he arranged for the girl to be accepted into the infantry. Oddly enough, Becky liked the army service, and the girl even volunteered to serve in one of the hot spots, from which she returned with several medals and a few injuries.
Having hardly recovered, she applied for a position in SAS. However, due to her criminal past and rebellious personality, she was denied. The following year, Becky filed a new application. And another one. And again. During the fourth time, she was lucky: there were few applicants, and the girl was sent for tryouts. During the test, the strongest storm began, but the command decided to continue, and as a result, three candidates were killed, and the only person who went through was Becky Morton. Once part of SAS, Becky participated in many armed conflicts, where she proved herself thanks to her innate resourcefulness and fearlessness, and in just a couple of years, she became the commander of a special group. 
Learn more about the agent from the trailer:

The game now features a new weapon series "Englishman" including the OTs-14 Groza, Makarov Pistol and Karambit. The novelties will soon become available in the game shop.

Along with the agent's skin, new weapon charms have appeared in the game - decorate your guns with brand new accessories!

In addition, the game now features achievements for kills made with new weapon models and unique spoils of war designed in the agent's style. Land killing blows with "Englishman" arms and earn special stripes to pin them on your profile!

Thematic contracts with the agent-related content will soon become available in the game. By completing tasks, you can gain weapons of the "Englishman" series, a box with the Agent Whirl skin, special achievements, a weapon charm and other useful items.

Known Bugs

  • The MSBS Radon Custom box is missing the Smuggler's Card and the golden version of the weapon.
  • Localization errors: texts are missing.

Good luck in battle!

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