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Big Shop Clean-up

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We continue reworking the game shop and removing obsolete items. Shortly, dozens of Random Boxes, weapons and equipment will become unavailable (probably forever). 

Full list of things that will remain in the store:
  • Random Boxes: АK-15 Custom, M4A1 Custom, KAC PDW, OTs-14 Groza, АK-12, AN-94 Abakan, АK Alpha, F90 MBR, Chiappa Triple Threat, Hunt Group MH12, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, Benelli M4 Custom, Kel-Tec KS7, Tavor TS12 Custom, Typhoon F12, Quarter Circle 10 SMG, Iceberg Tavor CTAR-21 Special, Santa Muerte MPA10SST-X Special, AKS-74U , PP-19-01 Vityaz , Grand Power SR9A2, LWRC SMG-45, Kriss Super V Custom, Barrett MRAD Mk22, CheyTac M200 Special, Steyr Scout Special, Mauser Kar98k, AT308 Custom, SV-98, McMillan CS5, CDX-MC Kraken, S&W M&P R8, Valkyrie H&K P30, Makarov Pistol, Kel-Tec SUB2000, Ruger Mk IV Lite, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot, TEC-9, Khopesh, Karambit, Survival Machete, Kunai Knife, Corrupt Kiridashi Knife, Reinforced Bat, Balisong Knife, Gerber Tomahawk.
  • Weapons in the direct sale: АK Alpha, F90 MBR, H&K MG5 121, Valkyrie FN SCAR-H Special, FN SCAR-H Elite Crown, M16A3 Custom Elite Crown, Golden FN FAL DSA-58, Tavor TS12 Custom, Typhoon F12, Marlin 1894 Custom, Moray SPAS-12 Special, MAG-7 Elite Crown, Mossberg 500 Custom Elite Crown, Golden Fostech Origin-12, LWRC SMG-45, Kriss Super V Custom, SIG MPX SBR Custom, АМ-17, ACR CQB Classic Elite Crown, H&K UMP Elite Crown, Golden Micro-Roni, McMillan CS5, CDX-MC Kraken, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm, M14 Crazy Horse, AS50 Elite Crown, AX308 Elite Crown, Golden Remington MSR, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot, TEC-9, H&K USP, SIG Sauer P226 C, Balisong Knife, Gerber Tomahawk.
  • Armour: Blackwood, Apostate, Shapeshifter, Elite Crown.
Please note that this list is preliminary and might slightly change. The CHINESE NEW YEAR event items will leave the shop a bit later.

Have a nice game!

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