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Inactive Clan Disbanding

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United by the common goal and interests, many of you have found friends in the game. Dozens of battles won together, hundreds of hours of collaborative efforts and fun, thousands of enemies eliminated  -  very often it is vital to have a reliable teammate to watch your back. A good team makes a clan, and a good clan becomes a family. 
However, unlike a real life family, if clan members no longer spend time together, it ceases to exist. We have to inform you that the clans whose members have not logged in for 6 months or more will soon be disbanded.
Inactive Clan Disbanding

The leaders of the clans facing disbanding have received a corresponding notification. Can you preserve "your family"? Yes, you  can. To prevent dismantling, a clan member should log in before the procedure kicks off.

To learn more details, please contact the support (not available for permanently banned accounts).

New friends are great but the old ones are dearer.

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