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Game Update - 10.02.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


The key feature of the update is the first stage of integrating technology that optimizes the load on the PC. It also features a lot of new content and reworked sights. Some novelties are already available, while the rest will appear over time. In addition, new contracts have been added to the game - hurry up to complete the tasks and expand your armouries with new items!

Please note: the update size is larger than usual; it is ~6.5 GB. To fully integrate the PC load optimization technology, it is necessary to update a considerable number of game files. We plan to update all client archives in 4 phases, so you don't have to download the entire file pack at once. In this way, you will receive several updates of about a quarter of the client weight instead of 25 GB or more at a time. The overall required disk space will not increase.

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Game Improvements

Dynamic Texture Quality Change

Texture Streaming is a technology that allows to optimize the load on the PC by dynamically changing the quality and size of loaded textures (instead of using the maximum one).

The choice of texture quality of an object will depend on how much space it takes up on the player's screen. The overall graphics quality will remain the same, only the quality of remote objects will change. As a result, the overall game client performance will increase and the level loading time will decrease. Learn more about the technology in a video.

We'd like to remind you that the full integration of this technology requires updating a large number of game files. We plan to implement the transition in 4 stages so that you do not have to download the entire file archive at once. This update is the first step where we have only updated the weapon textures. Other elements will be updated later as well.

Reworked Sights

The update features redesigned sights for the primary weapons of Riflemen and Engineers, as well as pistols for all classes. They now have more realistic behaviour and a lens effect. In addition, now, while aiming, the image within the sight zooms in, without zooming in the entire screen.

The List of Reworked Sights
  • Rifleman's Sights: Basic Rifleman Scope, Advanced Rifleman Scope, MCA Scope.
  • Engineer's Sights: Basic SMG Scope, Advanced SMG Scope, Ultra-rare SMG Scope, Razor HD Gen III (a unique scope for the ACR CQB Custom).
  • Pistol Sights: Pistol Scope 2X.

The changes affected only the listed sights. In the near future, we do not plan to rework other scopes. We will inform you in the news about the plans to change the rest of the sights if they appear.

New Content

St. Valentine's Day

A large part of the world will soon drown in Valentine's cards and chocolate. We invite you to celebrate the most romantic day of the year in Warface and equip thematic gear and weapons of the brand new "Valentine" series!

In addition, the game now offers festive achievements and a weapon charm - decorate your profile and guns with thematic items!

You can get the beautiful achievements, a unique charm, "Valentine" camouflages, and festive equipment in a special contract dedicated to Valentine's Day.

Contract Details

New Contracts

New contracts yielding powerful weapons of the seasons "Snowstorm", "Origins", and "Hidden War" as rewards have been added to the game. The tasks are simple, they can be easily completed by PvP and PvE fans.

Contract Details

The contracts will be available for a month, and they are regular, meaning that you can finish them several times. Hurry into the battle - complete tasks and get cool rewards!


  • Added thematic content: Inlay M48 Bowie Knife, a charm and an achievement pack (a mark, a badge and a stripe).
  • Added eSports achievement pack and a weapon charm.

Content Changes

Weapon Tweaks

  • Benelli Super Black Eagle 3: increased damage of the regular version (from 712 to 720) and that of the golden version (from 716 to 728).
  • Barrett MRAD Mk22 (all versions): reduced penetration. The combat specs of the weapon are the same, it remains as powerful as before. Penetration only affects shooting through objects such as those made of metal and wood. The current specs of the weapon allow it to penetrate wooden objects, which gives players an unintended advantage of being able to shoot through popular player positions. Such characteristics differ from the standard of sniper weapons, so we bring them to their usual value.


  • FB MSBS Grot (the old name MSBS Radon Custom): the weapon has been renamed.
  • Updated localization: fixed some bugs, added translations, changed some in-game texts and descriptions.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • Water Tiger Helmet: fixed a bug due to which the helmet overlapped with some Apostate vests.
  • Water Tiger Tactical Axe: fixed a bug due to which the weapon icon was not centered.
  • Salamander Set for Meds: fixed a bug due to which the protection against explosions did not work when using 5 pieces of the set.
  • FB MSBS Grot (the old name MSBS Radon Custom): fixed a bug due to which the Smuggler's Card and the golden version of the weapon were missing from the weapon box.


  • Snowstorm Battle Pass: fixed a bug due to which rewards for reaching levels 37 and 45 had incorrect icons.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the completion of some Special Operations did not count for the Battle Pass tasks and contracts.

Soon Available in the Game

IWI Galil ACE 23

The IWI Galil ACE 23 is a new Israeli assault rifle with an excellent combination of perks: it has high base and minimum damage values, and increased body and limb multipliers. Moreover, Riflemen will enjoy the weapon's excellent range, good rate of fire, and impressive accuracy. Compared to its closest competitors, these advantages are offset by a slightly reduced headshot damage multiplier.

We will tell you later about the ways of getting the weapon.
SIG 552 Commando

The SIG 552 Commando is a novelty for Engineers developed on the basis of the SG 550. The weapon perfectly suits any combat situation: thanks to high damage, soft recoil and increased damage multipliers, it makes it easy to eliminate opponents with headshots at medium range, while its high rate of fire (compared to the closest counterparts H&K UMP Custom and AKS-74U) will contribute to your excellent performance at close range.

We will tell you later about the ways of getting the weapon.
Hunting Knife

The knife is great for both combat and survival in the wild. That is why it is especially popular among mercenaries and army special forces fighters. The knife boasts a high speed of striking and weapon change. In terms of combat specs, it resembles the Karambit and the Balisong Knife. Compared to them, the Hunting Knife has increased damage and range.

We will tell you later about the ways of getting the knife.
Agent Viking Set

Soon, we will tell you more about the agent's story. In the meantime, let's focus on the novelties. The set includes weapons and camos of the Asgard series: Quarter Circle 10 SMG Custom, TEC-9 and Khopesh as well as unique charms and achievements designed in the agent's style.

Contracts with the set content have been added to the game. By completing their tasks, you can get weapons from the Asgard series, a box with the Agent Viking Skin, unique achievements in the agent's style, a weapon charm, and other useful items. Contract details and the date of their launch will be announced in future publications when the new agent becomes available.

"Artifact" Series

We are glad to present a new weapon series with an attractive appearance. The weapon frames are decorated with beautiful gold patterns. The series includes the Cobray Striker Special and the AKS-74U.

We will tell you later about the ways of getting the weapons.

Known Bugs

  • Pistol Scope 2X: the scope lens stands out a lot when the character is in a smoke screen.
  • Hidden War H&K MP5 Special: on certain graphics settings, the sight lens is blurred. The problem can be fixed by turning off motion blur in the graphics settings or by setting the quality of the shaders to a low level.
  • The icon of the Winter Ops Box is missing.
  • The Valentine weapon achievements are missing images.
  • The "Delete all expired items" button doesn't remove all articles it should; thus, it was temporarily disabled.

Have a nice game!

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