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FAQ Recap - February

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We are back with the answers to the most frequently asked questions - check them out!

  • Can you update the anti-cheat?
The anti-cheat software is getting updated on a regular basis, unfortunately so are the cheats. We’ve detected an increased number of reports for EULA violations and our team is working hard to investigate and mitigate all possible flaws.
  • When is the next Top Gun season 10? 
We don’t plan to re-launch this event again as well as other website-based big events. Instead, you can take part in the in-game events (contracts, special seasonal events like “Winter Fiesta” and special seasons of Ranked Matches).
  • When can we expect the rework of the mod system?
We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions for the mod system. As it was mentioned before, the developers are working on its improvement, and actually, it’s almost finished. We hope it’ll be delivered this spring.
Among all the changes, you can expect that there will be no randomness in receiving the weapon mods, instead, they will be unlocked for Parts. Besides that, you will be able to keep the mods in a special inventory. Currently, the new mods system is under testing. We’ll announce the full list of changes in the near future, please stay posted. 
  • The RM is not fair at all. Do you plan to do something about it?
The good news the team is working on the RM changes and we hope that they will get released this year. It’s going to be a completely new competitive system with placement matches, different progression, and rewards. We will share more details as soon as we can, please follow the news!
  • Can you add Sigma and Beta armor to the shop?
The developers plan to add them as a reward for the game progression. You can read more about it here.
  • Bring back the old blue scope color for CZ 75 Czechmate parrot, why was it turned to red?
It’s a bug, the developers are working on fixing it. Make sure you report such issues to Customer Support, please!

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