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Technical Issues after "Rock Solid" Update

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Today, the seasonal update "Rock Solid" has been installed on the game server. It is a large patch featuring a new progression system, a Battle Pass, the integration of the Texture Streaming technology, redesigned PvP maps and much more.

Due to the quantity of new features and tweaks, the probability of technical problems increased. In spite of all testing, many of the current issues have manifested themselves only under load on the live server.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We ARE doing our best to fix the issues as soon as possible.

We are actively interacting with the development team and have already received the first estimates. We expect the issues to be fixed after the installation of a hotfix, which is being prepared by the developers.

Known Issues

Technical Problems

  • The game client crashes when exiting the game.
  • Possible crashes at the end of the match (Special Operations, PvP and Ranked Matches).
  • Black screen and lost connection at the end of some matches.
  • Client installation issue: the Game Center reports insufficient disk space (try to free up some space to resolve the issue).

Progression System

  • In some cases, upon reaching prestige levels (100 and above), information is not displayed in the "Progress" and "Profile" sections (players see a blank screen).
  • Rewards for ranks can be granted with a delay. Please play a few matches to get all the prizes.
  • Some players could get prestige levels without gaining enough experience. In this case, the received rewards will be deducted from the accounts later.
  • In some cases, the level up reward notification does not correspond to the items of choice offered in the next window (the player is offered to choose from other articles). In this case, just play several matches or wait a bit and you will get the reward.


Weapons and Gear

  • Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 (all versions): incorrect shooting sound.
  • The Random Boxes containing XP in the reward list have been temporarily removed from the game shop.

Battle Pass

  • Some texts are missing localization.
  • In some cases, after purchasing standard premium access, the daily task is not available, and a timer until the next task activation is displayed instead of it.

PvE and Spec Ops

  • Sunrise: in some cases, players get kicked by the internal defense system (for example, when using a portable shield).
  • Easy PvE Mission (Africa, Act 2): the mission cannot be completed as, at some stage, there spawns no NPC, which must be eliminated to continue completion.

Ranked Matches

  • Some players have not received a box with camouflages for the recent Ranked Matches season.
  • Participants do not get the Ruger Mk IV Lite upon reaching league 21.

Modification System

  • Some mods have an incorrect description.


  • If you have a VIP Booster, an incorrect icon is displayed next to the nickname.
  • The first victory of the day reward notification mentions vendors.


  • The item transfer from "My items" and "Inventory" will be temporarily disabled.

We are focusing on the most urgent issues and will deal with them in order of priority.

If you are experiencing any of the indicated issues or have faced other problems, please, report them in the thread in the pc_announcements channel on our Discord server.

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