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"Warface Plus" will soon be disabled

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Soon, the "Warface Plus" subscription will be disabled. This will happen in two stages: first, we will deactivate the buttons to purchase and extend the subscription, and then we'll wait for all of the existing subscriptions to expire. If you want to use the service, hurry while you still can.

  • The first stage will happen on the 1st of April. From that point on, it will not be possible to buy or extend the subscription. Previously activated subscriptions will continue to operate until the paid period expires.
  • The second stage will begin once we make sure that all active subscriptions have expired. After that, the special page on the web site will cease to be available.

About "Warface Plus"

"Warface Plus" is a subscription service that allows you to receive a weekly set of equipment and weapons for any class of the player's choosing (except for SEDs) for a month. Subscription holders can change the class at the beginning of each week. There are two subscription types — a standard and a gold one. Each includes different items. The gold subscription includes golden weapon models, a bigger selection of boosters and skins for your character.

Warface Plus

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