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Soon in Game: New Content

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The game will soon offer a heap of exciting novelties: an in-game event, festive Warface Day content, weapon models, a new PvP mode and a PvE mission, and much more. Read on to learn the details!

New Content

"Big Hunt" Event

We are glad to present to you an all-new event "Big Hunt". It will preserve the general principle - play, earn special currency and spend it on the desired items, but the gameplay will be reworked. Event novelties include:

  • a PvE mission "Retaliation";
  • a PvP mode "Gun Game";
  • special contracts;
  • an updated shop with event items;
  • a vault allowing to accumulate more currency;
  • rewards for a certain number of victories in the modes.

The event interface will also have a special shop window, which will present to each event participant random lucrative offers for purchasing various items.

We will tell you more about the event and its features in a future publication. Now, let's move on to the new content.

PvE Mission "Retaliation"

In the new mission, you will continue to fight for Blackwood. The soldiers will have to search the enemy logistics base and uncover the secrets the opponent is hiding.

The warehouse is well guarded, and a lot of challenges will await you on the way: turrets, mines, electric traps, as well as the final boss - a helicopter. Be careful!

In addition, there are several Easter eggs hidden on the map - can you find them all?

PvP mode "Gun Game"

The PvP part of the event features a new "Gun Game" mode where the main goal is to eliminate opponents with different arms and go through the entire chain of available weapon models as quickly as possible. In this mode, players do not choose weapons. The arm automatically changes as soon as the soldier meets the condition of the current stage. The one who first tries out all the weapons and performs the final kill with the last arm wins.

The game in the new mode is carried out on an equal footing. All players have the same equipment, advance through the same chain of weapon models and start with the same guns. To move to a new stage and get a new weapon, the player needs to make two kills.

After death, the character will respawn in a random place on the map and will be invulnerable for some time (or until the first movement).

Event Rewards


The SIX12 AUTO-SD is a modern bullpup shotgun chambered for the 12-gauge shells. The novelty sports unusual specs for a Medic weapon - it has a high rate of fire, good accuracy and excellent range. In addition, the gun has increased damage multipliers. The perks are set off by a significantly reduced (compared to the rest of the Medic's arsenal) base damage and a modest cylindrical magazine that can hold up to 6 rounds.

This combination of characteristics allows the weapon owners to easily destroy opponents at close range. 

Agent Carp Set

The set includes weapons and camouflages of the "Zone" series, a unique skin for Medics, weapon charms and achievements designed in the style of the agent, as well as new contracts yielding the listed content and other useful items.

Warface Day

This year is very special for the project since, in April, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary since the Warface launch. This is a cool date, and we have prepared a lot of festive novelties to mark the occasion. This year, we will celebrate Warface Day together, regardless of the territory and game platforms. The "Big Hunt" event will be only part of the grand party.

"Warface Day" Contracts

The game will offer festive contracts yielding boxes with cool weapons, beautiful camouflages and achievements, as well as a permanent Multipurpose Raid Vest!

Exquisite Series

The new series includes the SIG Sauer P226 C and the Karambit. The weapons look stunning in the stylish camouflages and you will definitely like them! In addition, the Exquisite SIG Sauer P226 C boasts improved specs.

Festive Weapon Charm and Set of Achievements

During the celebration, you can get thematic customization items: a special weapon charm and a set of achievements. With these articles, you can decorate your profile and give your favourite weapon a fresh coat of paint.

Other Novelties

Easter Set

They say that on Easter week, you will be highly likely to meet a rabbit or find an egg. Want to check it out? Rush into Warface! We guarantee you will meet a couple of nice animals on Easter. And if you feel like dressing up for the occasion, have a look at two new outfits which are not class-specific.

See you in the game!

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