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The "Big Hunt" has already begun!

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Have you had time to regain your strength for the new event? Then we are glad to let you know that the large-scale "Big Hunt" event has begun! Let's dive into the details.


The "Big Hunt" is a large scale gaming event in which both PvP mode and PvE mission stans will be able to participate in. It preserves the general principle of the previous "Prison Break" and "Winter Fiesta" events — play, earn a special currency and spend it on desired items. However, the gameplay has been completely reworked.

The home page of the event

The new event includes the following novelties:

  • a PvP mode "Gun Game";
  • a PvE mission "Retaliation";
  • an updated shop with unique event items;
  • a vault that allows you to accumulate more currency;
  • rewards for a certain number of victories in the modes.

Where will you be fighting?

In the "Big Hunt", there are two modes that you can play — in the PvP part of the event, you will experience a new mode called "Gun Game", and we have prepared the all-new "Retaliation" mission for PvE fans.

The mode selection screen

PvP mode "Gun Game"

The main goal of the mode is to eliminate opponents with different arms and go through the entire chain of available weapon models as quickly as possible. In this mode, players do not choose their weapons. The arm automatically changes as soon as the soldier meets the condition of the current stage. The one who first tries out all the weapons and performs the final kill with the last arm wins. In this mode, you'll find familiar maps from the "Free for All" mode: "Motel", "Sanctuary" and "Widestreet".

After death, the character will respawn in a random place on the map and will be invulnerable for some time (or until the first movement).

The game in the new mode is carried out on an equal footing. All players have the same equipment, advance through the same chain of weapon models, and start with the same guns. To move to a new stage and get a new weapon, the player needs to make two kills. The list of weapons on each map is different, you can check them out below.

"Motel" map
  1. Deimos Glock 18C
  2. Great Gatsby TEC-9
  3. Godfather Thompson M1928
  4. Berserk M16A3
  5. Ares M60E4
  6. Asgard Quarter Circle 10 SMG
  7. Apostate M4A1 Custom
  8. Blackwood H&K G28
  9. Great Gatsby Kel-Tec KS7
  10. Tundra AKS-74U
  11. Rocket Launcher RLGS-100
  1. Toxicity M14 Crazy Horse
  2. Golden Winchester 1887
  3. Barrett MRAD Mk22
  4. Mechanical Fostech Origin-12
  5. Arcus Scout
  6. Saiga Winter Camo
  7. Flor de Muerto AK-47
  8. Limestone Taurus Judge
  9. Golden Desert Eagle
  10. Valentine Micro Desert Eagle
  11. Enforcer Stun Baton
"Sanctuary " map
  1. Deimos MPA 930DMG
  2. Great Gatsby TEC-9
  3. Syndicate TDI Kriss Super V
  4. Golden Dragon Howa Type 89 Custom
  5. Daewoo K3
  6. Scar AMB-17
  7. Iceberg AK-15 Custom
  8. Blackwood H&K G28
  9. Great Gatsby Kel-Tec KS7
  10. Polar JS 9mm Custom
  11. Rocket Launcher RLGS-100
  1. QBU-88 Desert
  2. Viridian Benelli M4 Custom
  3. Barrett MRAD Mk22
  4. Mercenary Hunt Group MH12
  5. Arcus Scout
  6. Saiga Winter Camo
  7. Flor de Muerto AK-47
  8. Mateba Autorevolver Black Dragon
  9. Golden Desert Eagle
  10. Valentine Micro Desert Eagle
  11. Banshee Katana
"Widestreet" map
  1. Stechkin APS Shiny metal set
  2. Great Gatsby TEC-9
  3. Anubis PP2000
  4. Golden AK-12
  5. Desert Snake PKP Pecheneg
  6. Huntsman PP-19 Bizon Custom
  7. Iceberg AK-15 Custom
  8. Blackwood H&K G28
  9. Tigerstripe VEPR
  10. Tundra AKS-74U
  11. Rocket Launcher RLGS-100
  1. Guardian Dragunov SVU-AS
  2. Mechanical Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12
  3. Highwayman DVL-10 M2
  4. Snowstorm Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima
  5. Arcus Scout
  6. Saiga Winter Camo
  7. Flor de Muerto AK-47
  8. Banshee Makarov Pistol
  9. Warfest MP-443 Grach
  10. Valentine Micro Desert Eagle
  11. Asgard Khopesh

PvE Mission "Retaliation"

In the new mission, you will continue to fight for Blackwood. The soldiers will have to search the enemy logistics base and uncover the secrets the opponent is hiding.

The warehouse is well guarded, and a lot of challenges will await you on the way: turrets, mines, electric traps, as well as the final boss — a helicopter.

Good news for those who love a challenge! The terminal activation phase can be completed in three ways.

  • By activating the terminals one by one. That way, you will be attacked by a small enemy party, which you'll be able to easily deal with.
  • By activating two terminals at a time. That way, there will be more enemies, and they will be stronger. The difficulty increases, and the time to complete the phase decreases.
  • By activating all the terminals at the same time. This is the maximum difficulty, lots of enemies and a mini-boss — the cargo droid.

So, you can complete the mission quickly, but at an increased difficulty; or waste more time, but with a lower difficulty. In addition, there are several Easter eggs hidden on the map — can you find them all?

Event currency and vault

The way to earn the event currency remained the same as before — you just need to play in the event modes. In addition, you can add even more event currency to your account — three event contracts have appeared in the game. By completing them, you can earn a large amount of the currency.

And if that's not enough, you can also purchase the currency. To do that, open your desired item in the event store, then click on the "Purchase" button. You will be offered to buy 300, 800 or 2000 black market coins.

In the new event, the way players receive the currency on their accounts has changed. Now, each soldier has a personal vault — after a match, part of the currency you earned is placed there, and the rest is credited directly to your account. This will allow you to increase your earnings in the "Big Hunt".

After purchasing access to the vault, all the currency that you have accumulated inside will be transferred to your account. In future matches, this will happen automatically — the currency you gain will be immediately transferred to your account.

Window with the vault

Please note: after the event, all the currency on the player’s account and in the vault will expire. Be sure to spend it before the event is over!


In the previous events, players could only spend the accumulated currency to buy crates with random content. But in the "Big Hunt" event, players can choose the desired items — accumulate the currency and buy what you want!

Event Shop

In the shop, you can buy boxes with weapons from the "Zone" series, unique achievements and charms, the agent "Carp" skin, as well as a novelty for medics — the SIX12 AUTO-SD.

Event Shop

Rewards for Matches

Play in the "Big Hunt" event modes! Get a certain number of victories in PvE and PvP to earn thematic achievements and camouflages. The PvE mode takes into account the successful completions of the "Retaliation" mission, and the PvP mode — the completed matches in the "Gun Game" mode.

Reward details

Have a nice hunt!

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