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Soon in Game: New Content

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The new game version will feature a lot of new content including two maps for the "Team Deathmatch" mode as well as new arms: the submachine gun SAR 109T Specs and the pistol H&K VP9 Match, and a cool realistic character skin. 

Watch the RU PTS overview to learn more about the upcoming novelties!

"Highway" and "Truck Parking" Maps

Blackwood is advancing again! Now, the enemy decided to assault trucks of the largest logistics company ELS. However, their plan has been derailed: a Warface squad immediately arrived at the site and put up a fight.

The maps are balanced so that any class can find comfortable positions for combat. Medics and Engineers will unleash their potential in close-quarter encounters among containers and trucks, while Snipers will easily occupy vantage points on high ground. As for Riflemen, they will efficiently fight in open spaces.

SAR 109T Specs

The SAR 109T Specs is a modular submachine gun developed by the Turkish company Sarsilmaz in 2014. As for its specs, the novelty is similar to the Quarter Circle 10 SMG Custom. It will delight Engineers with a high rate of fire and good damage. In addition, the submachine gun has excellent accuracy.

The golden version features a larger magazine and higher ammo capacity.

H&K VP9 Match

The H&K VP9 Match is an all-new secondary weapon that will soon appear in the game. It is a self-loading pistol developed by order of the Bavarian police. The specifications of the new model will remind you of the well-known Ruger Mk IV Lite, but the new pistol boasts higher damage and a more spacious magazine. In addition, the H&K VP9 Match has good accuracy and comfortable recoil.

The golden version has an improved range of fire.

Saboteur Engineer Suit

The game will soon offer a new skin for Engineers. Are you in love with explosives and can't wait to make a "big bang" on "Plant the Bomb" maps? Then the new skin is definitely what you need!

Stay tuned and have a nice game!

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